Tuesday, February 28

Here we go

Ok, moving the blog now. Here we go again. Sam and Evie are asleep right now, thank goodness. I had some leftover ravioli for lunch, and now wishing I hadn't. Stoopid morning sickness.

BUT ... I got to see Baby yesterday!! I had my first OB checkup, and Doc did a vaginal ultrasound (woohoo!!), and I got to see Baby's heartbeat, and armbuds, and legbuds, and the headbud. It was so very cool ... and rather pleasant, too. :) However, I am really hoping that I don't have to go back to a doctor again. I really want to have Baby at home, I loathe the idea of having him/her in a hospital, and I found a midwife I love. Still working on the husband angle, though. He's not loving the idea near as much as I am. I am convinced that is because he doesn't know enough about it. Eh. We'll see.

John and I have been debating the merits of Clare v Claire; I like Clare. But hopefully, we'll have a boy, and won't have to worry about Cla(i)re.

My guineas are stoopid. I finally moved their feed to an actual feeder, not just a jar lid taped to an upside down glass. The feeder is at their eye level, so they can't scratch it out and waste more of my money. Why does that make them stoopid, you ask? Because they can't find the damn food!! They're killing me. Oh, well. At least they're funny!

On that note, I hear some super-sour hamburger pickles that are calling my name. Mmmm.

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