Friday, April 27

More Issues ... and Prayer Requests

Still having tech problems. But I do have a few prayer requests ...

My dear friend, Melanie, lost her mom in a car accident two weeks ago today. Her mom, Nancy, was a dear, wonderful, sweet, funny person, who I'm told didn't have an enemy in the world. She was part of the book club I'm (occasionally) part of, and she was always a delight to be around. Melanie was very close to her mom, so please pray the the Lord would help her to properly grieve, and that He would give her peace and rest in Him.

My bro is going to a camp in Missouri (or somewhere not Texas, I don't remember ...) and is very excited. Pray that he can would get into one of the carpools going up there, so my mom doesn't have to take too much time off from work.

PLEASE pray for the staffing situation at John's store. They are having an awful time keeping people there for more than a month, let alone longer term! That's not because it's a bad place to work; that's just the nature of a small town with no anchor (like a college or something like that). John has been very stressed about that, which brings me to my fourth request ...

Pray that I can get my act together around the house!! I do so well sometimes, but then I just get lazy for a little while, then I'm overwhelmed by everything that has piled up, and instead of deciding to work hard and get everything knocked out, I panic and do nothing. Which really doesn't help the mess, and it really stresses John out, then I feel guilty, because I know it's just pure laziness ... OY!! Are you seeing the cycle I get myself into?!?!?

And I still have no email, so call me if you need to get a hold of me.

Thank you all!!

Tuesday, April 24

pics, while I can!

Well, I thought I'd try to get some pics up while I can ... if I can ...

Trying to take pictures with all three kids is like pulling teeth! Here they are with my Papa on Easter.

Here's Sam at the Round Rock game a while back, on the climbing wall. Maybe it's in his blood?

David at the table. Right after this pic, he tried (frantically) to eat the actual table. Have you ever seen anything so cute???? I spend most of my days trying not to eat him, he's so durned cute!!
All in all, I would just like to say how much I love my babies!!!

All is (mostly) well on the homefront!

Hello! Still here, but having major computer issues. Apparently, my dear desktop has decided to grace me with a small window of working internet this evening. After frantically paying all the bills (we don't even get paper statements for most things anymore!), and checking my email (there were only like 500), it appears I still have a few minutes left before it all goes to hell. So I thought I'd pop in here. :)

We started having computer issues right after Easter. Easter went wonderfully! Had a lovely time with everyone. On Wednesday (a week ago), I drove to Katy with the critters. We got to see the lovely Mrs Lyon, also known as Sarah or Molly, Wendnesday evening, and then went to lunch with Papa Thursday. We had a great time with him!! I pretty much have the best grandfather, ever. He's just peachy!! Then, I left the big critters and came back home with David. I watched the Astros game with John Thursday night, and then we had coffee and breakfast the next morning. At 9:00!! Just because we could! (I should add that breakfast is very rarely eaten after 7:30 around here ...) Ha!! So this is how the other half lives ...

We had a great few days of not doing much of anything, and I picked the kids up late Saturday evening. I missed them, and have had a great week so far with them. Sam and John went fishing yesterday, and Sam caught a fish!! It was a bass. I forgot what kind (because I don't care what kind!), but both boys were very excited. Evie is going with John tomorrow. Should be fun!

I'm reading A Tale of Two Cities right now, and forgot how wonderful it is!! Everyone, buy this book right away, and start reading.

Hopefully, this post will stick, and I'll be able to post again soon and let y'all know my new schedule ...

Saturday, April 7

Checkin' in!

Happy Easter to everyone!!!! We're fixing to have all kinds of craziness around here, so I'll be back Monday for an update. If I'm not curled up at the foot of my bed in the fetal position, sucking my thumb, and cursing my whole family, blood or not ...


Jesus has risen!!! REJOICE!!!

Tuesday, April 3

NOT yay. And an apron.

Stoopid Astros. (grumble, grumble, curse word, grumble) Frickin' baseball. I hate how much I love this sport. Roy O pitched an amazing 8 innings last night, then Brad Lidge got himself on my hitlist. So not cool. (Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.)

Anyway, I have a thought for you all. Let's talk about aprons! I got one yesterday, and I just love it. It's purple, too. :) Do we realy have a need for aprons in the modern era we live in? We have all kinds of things now, like multiple sets of clothes, washing machines and dryers, laundry detergent that doesn't have to be made by hand from lye, and wonderful things to treat stains. Aprons were originally intended to keep you one weekday work dress looking decent in case someone came visiting. In the age of cell phones, email, and cheap long distance, people don't really visit anymore, and we don't really have to worry about keeping our only skirt clean, because we've got more than one. So I pose the question again: Do we really need aprons?

Yes!!! I don't know about your apron, but mine has magic powers. I talked to Candi last night, and so does hers. There is something very satisfying about tying those strings around your back and getting to work. I'll probably use my apron for everything except cooking, because I make such a mess in my kitchen that no apron could ever save me. But I find myself wanting to do more when I wear the apron, and sitting down or stopping less. (Read the newspaper in my apron? E gads!! Never!)

I struggle with being lazy. It's probably something that I will never 'fix,' but at least I know its there and can work actively to beat it. Proverbs 31 tells of the wife of noble character, also known as the virtuous wife. Her husband lacks nothing, she rises before the rest of her house, and she does not eat the bread of idleness. Every time I read this passage, I think 'uh oh.' Am I able to say that my hands are never idle? Am I able to say that my hands are only occasionally idle? Would John ever tell me 'Many daughters have done well, but you excel them all'?

In talking with the different women I admire and look up to, I am learning that no one, if they are truly honest, will ever tell you that they have it all together. Every woman has her strengths, and some days are definately better than others. We all have days that we're just 'on.' It's how you handle the off days, and how you face and deal with your weaknesses, that sets some peole apart from the rest.

I wake up every morning and say a prayer. I thank God that I woke up, and I thank Him for the day, and I ask Him to give me strength, grace, and wisdom. Strength to face whatever comes my way, grace that not too many things will come my way at once, and wisdom to know how to handle the things that are laid at my feet.

And patience, for not yelling at my television when my fav baseball team blows a game. :)

Monday, April 2


Something wonderful happens today. Something I have been looking forward to for a very long time. Something I have dearly missed over the last few months. Something that breaks my heart every single time I get involved, but something I still will always come back to, no matter how tough things get.

Any guesses??

BASEBALL IS BACK!!!!!! I've missed the Astros so much the past few months. We went to the game that they played against the Round Rock Express (one of the 'Stros' farm teams) last week, and Brad 'Lights Out' Lidge looked at me!! Then he smiled!! (Insert swoon here!!) Their season opener is this evening, against the Pirates.

Oh baseball, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways ...

Brad Ausmus loves me. He just doesn't know it yet.

I'm just so happy ...