Friday, August 18

Life is Cruel

Have you ever eaten a 'fun sized' candy bar? Well, here's the thing: IT'S NOT FUN!!!! It's mean and almost cruel to call something so small 'fun.' What in the world is fun about it? It's too tiny to eat in more than two bites, which is a problem for anyone who feels the urge to eat everything in bites of multiples of three. I would guess, not that I would know or anything. You have to eat about 7 to satisfy a craving, and then you just get all depressed because you know that when it comes down to the math, you have just eaten 7 candy bars, regardless of their size. 'Fun.' HA!!

On the upside, we have two vehicles that drive from point A to point B. Yay!! And as it turns out, it is not legal to not have a front lisence plate. How do I know this? Because apparently, I have no front plate, which got me pulled over on the way home today. But, I am cute and sweet and very pregnant and very anal about alwyas driving 3 miles under the speed limit, so I didn't get a ticket, just a warning.

We just got back from the midwife's, and all is well with Baby. For those who don't know, we'll be naming a boy David Gray Stewart, and a girl Daisy Gray Stewart. Gray is my grandmother's maiden name, David is John's middle name, and Daisy ... well, we just really like Daisy. I am 32.5 weeks, so if you're paying attention, I have less than 8 weeks left, and under two months. However, I am not paying attention to that, beacuse Baby will come when Baby wants to come.

Sam and Evie are going to Mom's for the weekend. WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! I mean, oh, how I will miss them so. Yeah, no I won't. And they won't miss me either, which is fine with me. They'll ahve a great time with Mom, and wear her out, and I will swoop in to rescue her on Sunday, and all will be right in the universe. John and I are going out tomorrow night, which should be fun, and we'll go to church alone Sunday. Wow, what a concept ...

So that's that. Anyone want a Jeep in ok condition with no air conditioning? Cause we've got one to sell!

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Krista said...

True. Someone has to teach those candy bar makers what FUN really is.
You're the Texas girl ... you go do it.