Tuesday, December 18

Lions and Tigers and Bears ...

OH MY!! I am getting something completely wonderful for Christmas. Something I've wanted for such a long time. No, it's not a baby. Not yet, anyway. :)

I'm getting a new camera!!!! A really, really nice new camera. We're still deciding between two ... so if you have any wonderful, brilliant, or otherwise helpful insight, please lay it on me!! :)

Choice one

Choice two

I want choice one, but I'm not entirely sure why. And these probably aren't the exact packages we're looking at, it's just the first ones that came up on my amazon search. I'm leaving all that stuff up to John, because he is wonderful and intelligent and I'm really not technologically savvy. At all. It's one of the many reasons I married that handsome man!!


Oops. I've got supper on the stove. Hope it isn't burning ...


dlyn said...

LOL - the first choice is on my Christmas list on my blog too, but I won't be getting it until later next year. I know two people who have that camera and they both love it. Pretty easy to use, a solid SLR and becasue it is last year's model, it is way cheaper than this year's.

Jessica said...

If I could choose, I would definitely choose the Nikon. YAY you! (& your husband!)