Wednesday, May 14

Washing and Packing!

In 48 hours, I'll be on an airplane, headed to New Orleans to see one of my best friends graduate. And I'll be going ... get ready for it ... ALL BY MYSELF!!!! That's right, no kids, no husband, no chickens, cats, random birds or snakes. If I wasn't worried about 1) getting lost, and 2) my family needing me, I'd be very, very tempted to not even take my phone. I'm just so very excited!!! I leave Friday morning, and my flight gets in to Austin Sunday evening.

My mom is driving up tomorrow evening, which is super cool of her. (THANKS, MOM!!!) John's pretty excited about this, because he'll be able to take the older kids to do something cool in Austin on Friday, like go to Barton Creek or Hamilton Pool, and not have to worry about taking the baby with them, because David will be here with Mom. Not that John doesn't love to go places with the baby, he does, but it's just much harder to do anything water-based with a very squirmy 19-month-old who has no fear of anything whatsoever. Except the little rooster, who likes to chase and attack him on a semi-regular basis. But we don't need to go into that now. :)

So I'M SO EXCITED and I get to see my friend Lyndsey. And I get to meet some of her friends, and put some faces to names I've been hearing for 4 or 5 years.

And all today I'll be terribly busy washing clothes and packing clothes and unpacking and repacking my bags, because I'll be there for two nights, so obviously, I'll need about 27 different outfits, complete with shoes. Lots and lots of shoes. But I will be smart enough to wear flip flops on the airplane, in case the airport people decide I look like a terrorist bomber and want to scan my shoes. Because, I'm telling you, you never can tell about those little short girls that live in the country. They can be mighty feisty and stubborn, I hear. Seriously. Just ask John.

And I'll be washing sheets and cleaning my house and weeding the garden and making sure that there's enough food available while I'm gone so John doesn't have to worry about that.

Will y'all please pray for me? I'm very nervous about flying. I mean, not about the safety of flying, I have no qualms about that. I'm afraid I'll get lost, or my luggage (which will be all carry-on) will get lost (HEY! Fears aren't always rational, ya know!), or someone will speak unkindly to me, and you know what? John isn't going to be there to hold my hand, literally and figuratively, and help me. Because as much as I like to 'play' grownup, I'm not. I'm really just a little kid. Don't tell anyone. :)

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