Tuesday, April 28


Evan has written another chapter in Adventures in Ardenhail. It's an interesting read, so if you want, click on the link and start at chapter one.

Sarah's husband, Scott, called me last night to let me know he had read some of my Conversations with Sarah. At first I was concerned that he was mad at me, but my fears were quickly turned aside when I realized how hard he was laughing. He reminded me of a few old conversations which will be appearing in the next few weeks, much to the chagrin of my dearest friend, I'm sure. Washington Monument, here we come!!

I love you, Sarah!!

The dewberries are starting to turn, so I predict many, many cuts and stains on my hands in the upcoming weeks. I can't wait to make more jam and cobbler and syrup, just like we made last year. It was so much fun, and we just ran out of the syrup about a month ago. This year, I know that I need to make twice as much of everything, especially since the last freeze we had killed off most of the Hill Country peaches for the season. (Insert Brea sobbing hysterically upon hearing the news)

My gardens are doing really well; I love watching the way everything grows. We've had so much rain in the last month or two that the whole county is wigging out. Not enough rain to bring us out of the drought, but at least enough that I'm far less concerned than normal about my house burning to the ground.

And we're still waiting for the kids to come down with the chicken pox. It should be any day now; David even has a few suspicious spots on his belly that I'm watching very closely. Yay!!

And now for something completely different:

I'm off to take a bath. In the middle of the day. Because John is reading The Hobbit to the kids. And because I can.

So there.


SaRaH said...

i think the conversations with sarah area is full..and i think those posts are boring....and no one would enjoy them. cater to your readers Brea!!

Brea in Texas said...

Dearest Sarah, you ARE my reader. And your husband, apparently. I think the Conversations With Sarah is sadly lacking, and I'm going to work my hardest to remedy that. Seriously. I love you!!!

jesnicole said...

Hahaha, that previous post was really funny!!!

And a bath?!?! In the middle of the day?!?! YOU'RE ONE BLESSED MAMA!! :) Hope you enjoyed it!!

The wine sounds delicious, wish I could sample it!!

SaRaH said...

this is me. still hating conversations with sarah, but glad that i can bring so much joy to your life. now fly up here and bake bread and read with me!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Dewberries? I'm intrigued.

I like syrup. ;-)

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

and jam.

SaRaH said...

new post please. perhaps about how great of a friend i am for using your pizza recipe??!

SaRaH said...

I know you're busy picking berries and going on day trips and keeping other people's kids, but could you PLEASE help out your bff way up north and write a new post? (or you could give me your password and i could assist......whooHA-HA-HA-HA-HA)