Friday, September 25

one way to make sure your day starts off well ...

After your husband makes a totally valid point, and does so in a very loving way, get defensive.

When you turn to stomp off, he'll ask, "Are we going to have breakfast together?"

Lie and say, "I was planning on it, but then you started being an asshole, and I'm not hungry anyway."

This works out especially well if you a) are freaking starving, b) have yet to finish your first cupof coffee, and c) are completely wrong and refuse to admit it, even to yourself.

The End

**This post is brought to you by the letter L, the number 14, and a myriad of CRAZY HORMONES.

**I have apologized, and John and I are friends once again. Just in case you were wondering.

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SaRaH said...

i didn't talk to you today :('s 1 am so maybe i did talk to's just been a reallllly long day. i'll call tomorrow - love you! PS I just remembered that you never called me back on your way to Titus 2. For once I'm not the one who forgot! ok...I'll stop typing now....