Tuesday, January 5

It's the New Year!

And I've got nothing new to say. :) But I figured I'd better get on with this posting thing before Sarah comes after me and pummels me with a keyboard or something.

Baby news: I've officially hit my third trimester. I feel ridiculously pregnant, and it happened really, really fast. Like always. I have a check up with Laurie this afternoon. I love Laurie. Midwives rule. I'd like to be able to take Texas' midwifery exam by next summer. We'll see how that works out ... I think the baby is going to be here early. I have absolutely no valid reason to feel like this. I just know it.

Come to think of it, I also knew, without a doubt (or any valid reason) that David was going to be a girl. So ... following that logic, the baby should be here about three weeks late.

My older two kids both got a Nintendo DS for Christmas. Samuel's is blue; Evelyn's is pink. I was all for the idea at first, but now I've limited game time to 20 minutes each day. I set a timer. For real.

We started back to school yesterday, and it went really well. We've already finished this morning's session, and we'll do half of the afternoon session (math) before we leave for Laurie's, and half (language and phonics) when we get back. This whole 'time management' thing doesn't suck, I'm telling you. Why has no one ever mentioned it to me before??

I hope everyone is having a lovely week. I shall return soon!!

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