Friday, May 6


Ok, it's now been OVER a year since I've posted. This has got to be a record, even for moi. So here's a quick update on the last year of my life:

Sam, The Eldest, is almost 9, and getting to be more like his father every day. This is usually a good thing. He's been playing baseball (yeah, I'm going to admit that he RAWKS my socks off ... he's GOOD!), and participating in AWANA Club, and he's about to finish second grade in a few weeks. He's responsible and steady and my favorite child.

Evie, the Drama Mama, will be 8 this summer. She's reading every single thing the can get her hands on (no, I have no idea where she gets THAT propensity!), and she becomes more like me every day. This is occasionally a good thing. She did the same AWANA Club as Sam, and she'll also be finishing second grade soon. As much as I doubted at times, my friends were right, and cursive didn't kill anyone in our household. She's dramatic and loving and my favorite child.

David, my Danger Boy, is 4 ... and nothing but trouble. Don't let the huge dimples fool you; he's not to be trusted any further than you can throw him. He'll be starting kindergarten when we begin our next school year, and he'll tell you that he knows multiplication ... and then start yelling out random numbers to prove his point. He's the toughest kid I know and idolizes his siblings and he's my favorite child.

Elizabeth Skye is 13 months old ... and God help that poor child, but we call her The Beetle. Or sometimes just Beetle. I'm not kidding. She doesn't answer to Skye, but if you holler "BEETLE!" from the other side of the house, she comes a'running. Or a'toddling, as it were. She has a smirk that screams TROUBLE, and she loves to hug people, and her favorite pastime is looking right at you, throwing something on the floor, and sweetly saying 'Uh oh!' She is mischievous and the most beautiful little thing with curls and dimples ever and my favorite child.

Two of my dearest recently found out that they're pregnant, and are due within a few weeks of each other. My mom's comment? "Oh, I'm so happy for her!" Followed by, "Brea, this isn't a race. DO NOT go and get yourself knocked up again!"

a) it's totally a race (hi, I'm a FIRSTBORN!!!), and out of the three of us, I'm WINNING already.
b) I need like 37 more babies, so I'm not ruling anything out.

John and I, with the occasional help of our family, just finished putting a 400-square-foot deck on the back of our house, complete with railing, gates, and stairs. I've never physically worked so hard in my entire life, and had so much fun at the same time.

And on that note, my feral monkeys are losing their minds, and need some wrangling. We're off to the store, but I promise that I'll be back more often.

And to the person for whom I'm writing this post ... you know who you are, and I love you so much, and I wish I could see you every day!!!!!!!!!


SaRaH said...

yay! ..ahem, everybody: she's talking to ME :)

Brea in Texas said...

Yup, this is true.