Wednesday, September 3

Conversations with Sarah

(phone rings)

Brea: Sarah!!!!! I'm so glad you made it home from Ohio safely. Tell me again why you're being crazy and moving away from Texas?
Sarah: Because I want to be near my sister and her boys, and help her out because her life is difficult.
B: Oh. Ok. Well, if you're going to be all not selfish, I guess I can't rag on you too much.
S: So how are you?

(rambles fly back and forth about the weekends we had, family issues on both sides, drama or lack thereof, blah, blah, blah)

S: Did I interrupt you from anything? Sorry to be calling so late.
B: No, John and I were watching I Am Legend.

(let me interject something here. Legend is about the sole survivor in New York City after a virus kills everyone, and the dead people turn into zombies. I don't do zombie movies, ever since watching the new Dawn of the Dead, and when I see zombie movies, I don't sleep for at least two weeks. I'm not kidding; zombies completely freak be out!!!!!!!!!)

S: Oh, I'm sorry! I'll let you get back to that.
B: No, it's really ok. We were only like 10 minutes into the movie, and when the phone rang, I shouted, 'O, thank you Jesus,' then glared accusingly at John and said on my way to answer the phone, 'I can't believe you were going to let me watch that!!'
S: Is that the one with Will Smith?
B: Yeah.
S: I remember that. Everyone dies in the end! Even Will Smith!!
B: Yeah, I figured as much. John saw the original and liked it, so he wanted to watch this one, too. I think I might like the old one, but this one is already getting to me.

(we go on to talk about the movie as Sarah remembers it, plot lines, other zombie movies, my issues with zombies, etc.)

B: The thing is, I hate zombie movies. I mean, I really, really hate them. I love scary movies, but I just can't watch zombie movies anymore since Dawn of the Dead. Zombies freak me out.
S: You have to keep reminding yourself that they aren't real.

(at this point, I think, 'Wait, did she just say that to me? Did she seriously just tell me to remember that zombies aren't real?')

B: Wait, did you seriously just tell me to remember that zombies aren't real? Sarah, I know that zombies aren't real!!!!!
S: Oh. Yeah. Sorry about that.


Katie said...

That movie terrified me. The only redeeming factor was that Will Smith exercised without his shirt on.

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

I'm so laughing. But Brea would it help to know they aren't zombies?

(I know way too much about this movie as this is right up my alley) They were the ones who didn't die from the virus the gov't spread. See, some people died from it, some people were unaffected by it, and some were turned into these hyped up half animal people who couldn't bear sunlight. The Will Smith character was looking for a cure, and continues to do so through out the movie. And, while he does die, it still has a 'happy' ending.

But they aren't zombies :-) you don't need to publish this, I should have just sent you an email. I thought maybe knowing that might help you like the movie. I always want people to like what I like--like the roommate in college who didn't like (gasp) chocolate & I would still ALWAYS offer her some. I just want something that makes me happy (that movie, chocolate) make you happy.

I'm weird.

And this could very well be the longest comment in the history of the world.
But probably not.

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Meredith said...

The original movie is way WAY better than the crap re-make. I hope John didn't make you finish watching it. I own the original, but you can't borrow it because you still live in the beautiful hill country and I live in crappy Dallas. =(