Monday, September 29

my Lone Star boy

Well, we're back. We've been back for a week. And I haven't updated. Sorry!

The trip to Corpus went as well as can be expected. I didn't have to go to the beach (YAY!!), and the aquarium and the USS Lexington (an aircraft carrier that's been turned into a kind of museum) were awesome. So. That's all I have to report from the trip.

And this week. has. been. insane!! My oven went out a few days ago, and it's probably going to cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of $5000 to replace it. $300 for the actual oven, and $4700 for the rest of the kitchen that'll be remodeled. I'm very, very nervous, and incredibly excited at the same time. I've not been crazy about my kitchen since we've moved in, and we've been planning on remodeling before we move (probably in 3-4 years), but this is just a little sooner than expected!

The weather here has been absolutely wonderful. We could really use some rain (I think we're something like 20 inches under the average amount), but we've practically been living outside. I don't think we've been higher than 92 in the last two weeks, and the nights have been getting in the low 60's/high 50's. You can all laugh at me, but it's like winter here! :) Not really, but it's been awfully nice.

And last week, Sam got out of bed and went outside to bring the newspaper in for John. He went out wearing a t-shirts and no pants. Underwear but no pants. (Look, we live in the country. We can get away with this kind of thing, ok? Just be glad he was wearing any clothes at all.) It was 62 out. I know, because this comment prompted me to look and make note of the temp. He ran back inside, shivering and telling me he was freezing cold. Then he asked me the question. The one that proved something to me.

"Mom, do you think it's going to snow today? Because it feels like it's cold enough for snow."

It was at that exact moment that I knew.

We're from Texas. There's just no two ways about it.


Anonymous said...

hee hee hee.....
I'll take the cold over snakes, armadillos, lizards, scorpions, etc (I hear they like to live in Texas) any day.
Glad you're back and that you had a great time!

jesnicole said...


Amy E said...

I agree the mornings and evenings are cold! I actually turned off the AC and the fan this morning, because I was shivering. Had to break out another blanket for the bed. I was seriously eyeing my wood stove this morning, but figured NAH. I don't like to light it until it reaches the low 50's. I guess I'll go put on socks and a sweat shirt, at least until about 11 a.m., when it hits 90 degrees! LOL!


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud (I know, i 'm old school...didn't type lol) when i read this post. I'm right there with Sam, Texans for sure!

:) Heather

Krista said...

So Texas. It got all the way down to 69 today and I whipped out the kids pants and long sleeved shirts. Too early for jackets? I think not!