Monday, June 26

Question for Anyone ...

Can anyone tell me about websites? Ok, ok, I realize that that is a rather vague question. I want to build a website (or have one built) that looks decent, and has a few easy functions, but I can't pay too much money for it. Any help (or even pointing me in the right general direction) would be much appreciated! Email me at brea_stewart at hotmail dot com.

(Hi Mrs Molly!! Glad to see ya missed me so much!! Prayers still going out for your fam, and I hope you have a great visit with your sister. Kiss her boys lots while they're here!!!)

My pumpkin and watermelon plants are trying to take over my year, but none of them have produced any fruit yet. Am I doing something wrong? Also, in other news where I am proud of myself, I MADE A SCARF. A whole scarf. It's pink, and for Evie. And I am making one for Sam right now that has STRIPES. That's right, I have learned how to knit stripes!! I am just so very excited.

I've been going back and reading more of To Train Up A Child, and I still love it! And I realized that I have so much to learn. About myself, about John, and the kids, about parenting, and my marriage ...

xxsighxx ... When do I actually start to feel like a grownup?

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Krista said...

Maybe when we're grandparents?