Thursday, June 22

Remember Me?

I'm still around, I promise. Our computer crashed a while ago (the motherboard fried!!), and I'm still trying to figure out this new one. I have no idea how to do any of the picture stuff yet, which thankfully, we were able to have most of recovered. I have also been incredibly busy lately, because a) I have become decent at this stoopid knitting thing, and have now completeld two scarves that look semi-not awful, and b) my children have become much more crafty, and silent.

Yesterday, I was upstairs cleaning the bathroom, and them it hit me: Hmm, I haven't heard my children in almost 47 seconds. I went sprinting down the stairs, out the door, to discover that both children were ass-deep in the pond. The icky, ooey-gooey, muck-filled, frog-and-snake (garter, don't worry!)-infested, gross pond. All this in 47 seconds!

I've been totally rocking out with the domestic work lately, also. Which has made the wonderful man extremely happy. I seem to be forming some great new habbits, and John and I are both hoping this isn't pregnancy-related, but that I may actually be maturing and growing up some. Who knows? John has been working 10-12 hour days almost every shift that he works, because of staffing issues and other things, so we're all ready for the store he's at to get over this little hump. It has not been too much fun, but I am valuing our time with him more than ever.

The Astros are starting that new guy tonight ... that one dude they're just now bringing up from the minors ... what's-his-name ... I swear, it's on the tip of my tounge ... Oh, right!! ROGER eff-INF CLEMENS!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!! My boys have have been sucking much less lately than they were, so maybe there's still hope yet. I (heart) the Astros sooo much. Especially Brad Ausmus. And Craig Biggio. And Joe College, the wonderful Morgan Ensberg. And I wish they would bring Brandon Backe off the DL, because I totally (heart) him, too!!

On that note, I must go make a supper that will allow us to eat at the coffee table. John is still at work, even though it is almost 7, and he left this morning at 7:15. Thank God he's got a 3-day this weekend, and vacation coming after that!!

Scorpions in the House: 0 for 4
Scorpions out of the house: 0 for 5
Shoes of John and Brea: 9 for 0

We're the bestest scorpion whompers, ever. :)

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