Friday, April 27

More Issues ... and Prayer Requests

Still having tech problems. But I do have a few prayer requests ...

My dear friend, Melanie, lost her mom in a car accident two weeks ago today. Her mom, Nancy, was a dear, wonderful, sweet, funny person, who I'm told didn't have an enemy in the world. She was part of the book club I'm (occasionally) part of, and she was always a delight to be around. Melanie was very close to her mom, so please pray the the Lord would help her to properly grieve, and that He would give her peace and rest in Him.

My bro is going to a camp in Missouri (or somewhere not Texas, I don't remember ...) and is very excited. Pray that he can would get into one of the carpools going up there, so my mom doesn't have to take too much time off from work.

PLEASE pray for the staffing situation at John's store. They are having an awful time keeping people there for more than a month, let alone longer term! That's not because it's a bad place to work; that's just the nature of a small town with no anchor (like a college or something like that). John has been very stressed about that, which brings me to my fourth request ...

Pray that I can get my act together around the house!! I do so well sometimes, but then I just get lazy for a little while, then I'm overwhelmed by everything that has piled up, and instead of deciding to work hard and get everything knocked out, I panic and do nothing. Which really doesn't help the mess, and it really stresses John out, then I feel guilty, because I know it's just pure laziness ... OY!! Are you seeing the cycle I get myself into?!?!?

And I still have no email, so call me if you need to get a hold of me.

Thank you all!!

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