Tuesday, April 24

All is (mostly) well on the homefront!

Hello! Still here, but having major computer issues. Apparently, my dear desktop has decided to grace me with a small window of working internet this evening. After frantically paying all the bills (we don't even get paper statements for most things anymore!), and checking my email (there were only like 500), it appears I still have a few minutes left before it all goes to hell. So I thought I'd pop in here. :)

We started having computer issues right after Easter. Easter went wonderfully! Had a lovely time with everyone. On Wednesday (a week ago), I drove to Katy with the critters. We got to see the lovely Mrs Lyon, also known as Sarah or Molly, Wendnesday evening, and then went to lunch with Papa Thursday. We had a great time with him!! I pretty much have the best grandfather, ever. He's just peachy!! Then, I left the big critters and came back home with David. I watched the Astros game with John Thursday night, and then we had coffee and breakfast the next morning. At 9:00!! Just because we could! (I should add that breakfast is very rarely eaten after 7:30 around here ...) Ha!! So this is how the other half lives ...

We had a great few days of not doing much of anything, and I picked the kids up late Saturday evening. I missed them, and have had a great week so far with them. Sam and John went fishing yesterday, and Sam caught a fish!! It was a bass. I forgot what kind (because I don't care what kind!), but both boys were very excited. Evie is going with John tomorrow. Should be fun!

I'm reading A Tale of Two Cities right now, and forgot how wonderful it is!! Everyone, buy this book right away, and start reading.

Hopefully, this post will stick, and I'll be able to post again soon and let y'all know my new schedule ...

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