Monday, May 28


Well, I done got myself tagged by Candi. Eight random or little know things about me ...

1. I love bad movies. I stayed up the other night until 2 in the bleeping morning watching the Breakfast Club. (Don't you, forget about me. Don't you, no, no, no, no ... Come on, you know you remember the song and are now singing it!!)

2. I hate people touching my feet. Or being in the same general vicinity of them. Or looking at them. Even John knows not to touch my feet. Other people's feet don't bother me, but heaven help the person who gets too close to mine. You might lose an eye.

3. I want to be a cowgirl when I grow up. I want a cattle ranch, maybe about 50,000 acres somewhere in Texas, with a river, and I want to get up every morning at 5 and go work my cows with my big ole' family (of course, in this dream, I have at least 7 kids, and extended family lives on the other side of the ranch). My horse would be the prettiest and the nicest, and everyone would envy me, and I could cry when she got really old and died.

4. I listen to music when I'm alone that would not be found in most homeschool moms' cars. I am extremely fond of punk and ska (I have the Deftones, Less Than Jake, the Clash, and AFI, to name a few), and some other random stuff (like the latest Justin Timberlake ... haven't you heard? He's bringing sexy back. For real, yo!) (and who could pass up the Garden State soundtrack? Also, Nick Drake, and some Toadies thrown in for good measure. Sometimes you just need to listen to some really loud stalker songs.). All of that is just what's in my car right now.

5. The real reason I run is because it's the only thing that is mine. All mine. No one goes with me, no one can talk to me, no one can ask me for milk or a snack or a video or where-are-my-clean-work-pants or mom-the-baby-wants-something-to-eat or anything else. I am all by myself, and love it! Of course, staying healthy and looking decent in a bathing suit don't hurt ...

6. I love to cook for people. I love to have people over, just so I can cook for them. I don't enjoy going out to eat more than once a month, and I'm not crazy about going to other people's houses because that means that I'm not the one doing the cooking.

7. I absolutely cannot follow a recipe. Everything I cooked is always tweaked, to a certain extent. Just ask John. It drives him nuts.

8. Babies make me stoopid. When I am around them, I can no longer form sentences, I drool, I grin like an idiot ... Doesn't matter whose baby it is, and even if I am holding my own baby, I still act a fool. I just want to eat them all up!!!

So, there's me. Any questions? :)


Sarah said...

I'll vouch for the foot one....that's sure to get someone slapped :)
Love and Miss you!

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Your post is so sweet. I love to cook for people too. Have a great week.

Angel ( D.)

Amy E said...

Brea, love your post! to answer your questions about my watermelons and pumpkins....I planted Big Max Pumpkins from Victory Seed, Kentucy pumpkin, muskmelons/honeydew, yellow meat watermelons, and just regular old watermelons. We have received LOADS of rain also, and little sunshine, very cloudy days, though still warm. Everything is taking over my yard. Once Candi gets settled, you need to come on over here with her, and we can get to know each other.