Monday, July 2

And then there were none ...

None that missed the awful stomach bug, that is. John got sick Saturday night. I talked to him at work around 10:30 that evening, and he was fine, in a good mood. He called me around 12:45, and the kids and I had to go pick him up from work. That was fun, by the way. Nothing makes my night a little better than waking all the kids up from a dead sleep and loading them up in the car. And sitting in the Chili's parking lot for 40 minutes. And driving home with a very sick husband. And finally getting back to bed at 2:45. And then getting up 4 more times with the kids, before the baby wakes up early for the bad at 6:45. Wow, that was one of the worst nights I've had in many a year.

But enough grousing. I finished Great Expectations, very sad and wonderful book, and am about to start The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I haven't read anything by Hugo before, but I'm looking forward to it.

David is trying to pull himself up on things, and thinks he can talk. Maybe we just don't speak his language ... who knows? But he is darling, and I just want to eat him.

Evie and I had a date this afternoon, and had a blast. We went to Starbucks, and then up to Bastrop Gardens. The gal that owns the place, Deena, is a doll, and I just love her. The kids think she's pretty great, too, and she likes them. She gave me a few free plants (I love knowing people, and bringing them cookies and coffee from time to time!) that I'll put in tomorrow, and gave me some really good advice on some of the things I've got growing.

We leave for the river Friday morning, early, and I'm starting to get ready for that tomorrow. So little to pack, so much time ... Wait! Strike that. Reverse it.

And I'm still lacking on sleep, so I'm off to bed raawther soon.

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