Saturday, June 30

Better now

Well, I think I'm going to pull through. I think I might just make it to see another day. I feel like a completely different person! I finished my entry yesterday and went to bed before 9. I think I fell asleep before Evelyn did. I kind of made up for it today, though.

I woke up; made the wonderful coffee I can't live without, let alone start my morning without; swept all the downstairs floors; nursed the baby (and read out of Hebrews, the book I'm currently working on for my morning Scripture study ... and can I just say WOW?!? but more on that another day ...); harassed the kids into getting dressed, getting the paper, feeding the cats, emptying the dryer, and unloading the dishwasher; made breakfast and got the kids and the baby fed; then I sat down to eat while the kids played outside and David snacked on Cheerios. Then I washed a load of clothes; folded another; went out and picked tomatoes, green beans, and basil, and, and proceeded to spend the better part of an hour messing with my sprayer and taking care of a bug problem that is effecting my tomatoes.

Then it was about 10:30, and I woke John up. Poor baby, he didn't get home until 4 last night. And by 'last night', I actually mean 'this morning.' He got up, had breakfast and coffee, and then mowed the lawn for me. Sweet man. I was having trouble walking in the back yard, because the grass was almost up to my knees. I was ok with that, until I stepped on the end of one of my pumpkin vines because I couldn't see it. It was hiding in the grass.

We had lunch, my mom and Wesley came by on their way back from Camp Peniel, and then the whole family napped. Except moi, because I had some very important things to do. Like finish Great Expectations. Wonderful book. Go find it, and A Tale of Two Cities. Read them this afternoon. Now. Why are you still here?? GO!!

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Valerie said...

Glad your feeling better! And I agree, those books are awesome :D