Wednesday, June 18

Ah, the Life of a Homeschooler

Seriously, I spit out my coffee sorry, pregnant people don't drink coffee herbal tea when I saw this.

Seriously!!!!!! Come on, you other homeschoolin' mamas out there! You know it's true! Give me some love.

(Except in our case, we threaten bribe politely ask our kids not to talk about Star Wars or Transformers at church, only to have every. single. other. kid. bring it up. So I guess I don't feel quite so bad ...)


Jessica said...

Yum yeah, so today=1 1/2 diet mountain dews + a cup of coffee here.

Sometimes pregnant people need it more than regular people.

And they DON'T need their mothers-in-law saying "you know, I heard on the news that coffee causes X (scare of the day)"

Cute cartoon!

Jenni said...

I've seen this before and it is hilarious!

Fortunately, most of my friends are slackers, er...homeschoolers, too!

tie-dyed doula said...

love it! too funny-that is how it goes, isn't it?