Tuesday, October 21

Would you vote, part 2- an open letter

To whom it may concern:

Well, thank you to all the people the person who left me all the sweet comments. This is why I moderate my comments, by the way. I approved every single one, with the exception of the one left by 'palin is a lesbian' who said, and I quote, 'f*ck you.' Please click here and read what everyone this person wrote.

How do I know it was one person who left all the comments (with the exception of the first three, left by friends of mine)? Well, for one thing, not a single comment was made with a blog address to track back to. Way to show some balls there, buddy. Also, I have StatCounter, and every comment was left today, Tuesday, October 21. One after the other. And according to StatCounter, as of 11:15 this morning, I have had TWO unique visitors. TWO. That really doesn't seem like enough to garner 43 comments from 43 people. Or even 23 people. Or, hell, even 3 people.

"Those of you who have taken the time to read the facts on this matter, thank you. Those of you who are making comments based on things that are not true please educate yourself." (about halfway down, at 1:48 am) I MODERATE MY COMMENTS!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE SAYING ON MY BLOG, UNLESS YOU'RE THE ONE LEAVING EVERY SINGLE COMMENT. But it was sweet of you to call me the moron, and ignorant. Let's think about that one for a minute or two.

And another thing. And let me make sure I'm very, very clear when I say this, so that there's no confusion whatsoever. I WOULD NOT VOTE FOR SEN. OBAMA EVEN IF HE WAS THE MOST PRO-LIFE OF ALL PRO-LIFE PEOPLE. This article was a drop in the bucket for me, and not one that changed my thinking one way or another. But allow me to specifically address some of the comments.

If you think I'm an ignorant Texan, I'm ok with that. At least I have the common sense to think my ideas through, and I have the decency and manners to never be so hateful to someone I've never even met. My momma raised me better than that. And you, apparently.

Yes, I care that Guns Stop A Beating Heart. I own three. I want a new one for Christmas. The only hearts they've ever stopped from beating are the raccoons who try and eat my chickens, some doves when I was younger, and the tin cans we hang on strings. And if you try getting into my house without my consent, we'll see how well your heart is beating when the dust clears.

I'm not saying I agree with 100% of the views of the author of the article. If she opposes condoms in Africa, I don't agree with her. But I posted one article, not her entire philosophy or life story.

Someone who is anti-abortion (or PRO-LIFE) is not necessarily anti-contraception. But we oppose abortion as contraception, that's for sure. I'm just saying. I have no problems with condoms, Viagra, getting one's tubes tied, or limiting your family size. That's your business, not mine. But I don't think you should be able to take a life to do so, not when there's so many people desperate to get a baby who just can't.

Another good one: "Repubs don't care about babies." No, no, you're right. That's why I thought my heart was breaking in two and couldn't catch my breath for days when this happened. It was probably because I was so relieved not to have another burden added to my family.

So, honey? Yeah, you who left all the comments, I'm sorry you didn't leave me with a way to write back to you. Good luck growing a pair soon!



Amy E said...

Brea - you are too funny! I like your response.

Tallulah said...


Why not? Because he's black? Or because you're are uneducated in some other way?

Brea said...

Yes, Tallulah. You're completely right. I won't vote for Sen. Obama because he's black (I'm really afraid of all people that aren't white), and because I'm uneducated. Not in 'some other' way. I'm uneducated in every way. I hate knowledge, and learning things. I prefer to stick my head in the sand, and pull it out only in time to yell and holler once things have started going wrong.


Seriously? I have no problem with his skin color whatsoever. He seems like a very nice and likable man. I admire his for where he's come from, and his passion for what he does. If he ever came over to my house, I'd love to sit down and have a beer with him and chat for a while. His wife and daughters seem lovely, too.

However, I think he's too inexperienced to become president. I disagree with him on his economic policies, on his foreign policies, and on much of his voting record. For those reasons, I won't vote for him. Deal with that, and move on with your life. And hopefully, that move takes you away from my blog.


tallulah said...

Oh, but you're voting for McCain, because you believe in HIS foreign and economic policy? That being - going to war with foreign countries, being anti-diplomacy (we've seen how well that has worked for 8 years) and being de-regulation (also, we see how well that's worked for 8 years). You'd rather vote for tax and spend conservatives. You'd rather have our country's ideals denigrated for another 4+ years.

The funny thing about you "Republicans" is that you make the same economic, foreign policy, and defense statements without giving any SPECIFICS. You don't give specifics because you don't know what you're actually against. If you really thought about it for half a second you'd realize that the things you claim to be against...well you'd never vote Republican. But you let your labels and bs get in the way of actually informing yourself. I guess thats why you read such illuminating publications such as WorldNetDaily. What a joke.

tallulah said...

Oh and by the way, it is possible to be Pro-life and Anti-Republican, in case your clique didn't inform you. How about being pro-life for the hundreds of thousands of people whose lives we've stolen or broken in Iraq.

Krista said...

That's some seriousness, leaving all those messages.

I can't stop laughing over your sarcasm.
I think I love you.

I respect your point of view, even if I don't fully agree with your (or McCains) politics.

Then again, I'm Canadian, can't vote ... so I can respect anyones politics.

Except Nazi's.

Amy E said...

By the way "tallulah" is it...just because she won't vote for Mr. Obama (I'm not either by the way) doesn't mean McCain is her only option.

Even though being a Republican is not any worse than being a Democrat.

The funny thing about Democrats is that when they can't win an argument based on common sense and biblical values they resort to anger and name calling. Very mature.

I am not voting for Obama because I don't believe American needs to slide further into Socialism. I don't believe McCain offers many better answers, but I know Socialism isn't on his agenda as much as Obama's, and plus I trust McCain to let me keep my guns.

I am a strict Constitutionalist and would NEVER vote for someone who was not. And Obama is not by any means in favor of keeping our Constitution in tact.

While I respect those in authority over me, the Constitution is the ONLY law of the land that I recognize. Any other act contrary to what is written I will not comply with, and Obama has stated that he greatly supports a ban on weapons. He lost my vote right there..and has only added to it with his inane rhetoric during the debates.

While I am no longer a Republican, Republicans are just as educated, passionate about their politics and patriotic as Democrats claim to be..

I'd like to see this country get away from the two party system and embrace third party politics but for some reason BOTH parties are afraid of third parties. I also want everyone to remember we are supposed to be AMERICANS first and take an interest in what is best for America as a whole, and not just vote for their own interests.

Please leave Brea alone. If you don't like her comments or her blog, go somewhere else...

Sorry Brea, I know you can fight your own battles, but this poster has irritated me. ;-)

Brea said...

Krista, and anti-Nazi comment is welcome on my site, lol!! I think I love you, too. It must be fate, or something. :)

Tallulah, I know a ton of Dems that are pro-life. I've never labored under the assumption that you must be pro-life to be a Repub. Or vice versa. Do you know anyone, personally, who has served in Iraq? I do (more than a few people), and after talking to them, I still think we're doing the right thing. Do I think we've done everything correctly? No, of course not. But I believe with all my heart that we are doing the right thing.

Yes, I prefer Sen. McCain's economic policy to Sen. Obama's. I also prefer his health care plan, to the extent either have talked about it. I'm extremely pissed that neither one of them has truly addressed Social Security in any comprehensive way.

I realize that you think I'm unaware of the issues, and simply enjoy spouting forth GOP one-liners like there's no tomorrow. That's not true. My husband is the precinct chairman where we live. We both follow politics closely, and have for a long time, particularly on the local level. My county sheriff and my state rep are going to make a lot more difference in my everyday life, than who the next president is.

The Repub party is far too liberal for my tastes. I'm an extremely conservative Republican, bordering on Libertarian. I would have been tickled pink if Duncan Hunter had made it onto the GOP ticket, but you take what you get.

I'm on World Net Daily about twice a month. I live on the MSN, CNN, Yahoo, BBC websites. I'm not a Fox News junkie. Bill O'Riley makes my head want to explode. Please don't assume that because I have the audacity not to vote for Sen. Obama, that I'm racist and ignorant. You might as well say those things about me because I live in the country, or because I choose to have babies at home, or homeschool, without even seeing my political views. Sweeping generalizations never seem to be all that correct.

I more than welcome any discussion on anything I write, but attacking me and accusing me is an awful thing to do.

By the way, you said about Sen. McCain's policy:

"That being - going to war with foreign countries"

Well, I hope it would be a foreign country, because we're in a hell of a lot more trouble if it isn't!



Anonymous said...

I personally think your friend Amy E is crazy, ignorant , weird , friendless and wasting her breath and a vote on ones who won't win. But then again ...whatever. Your comments were great and sorry you are being hassled. Glad I found your blog.

Amy E said...

Thanks anonymous! I worked really hard at being crazy, though I am far from ignorant. I have five degrees.

Tallulah said...

I didn't even read Amy E's comments because frankly I don't care what she has to say and it isn't HER blog that I'm reading. So Amy E, go find your own little piece of the internet to voice your opinions at because I'm not interested.

Anyhow -

What exactly do you prefer about McCain's economic policy? Do you prefer making tax cuts for the wealthiest people in this country permanent while ignoring the average citizen? Do you prefer the idea of unrestricted free trade and ignoring the human and environmental implications? Again, the problem is that you lack the ability to give SPECIFICS. Do you even know what exactly it is that you like or dislike? Except what you're told to like or dislike, of course.

Yes I have met soldiers who were in Iraq who felt like we were there for the wrong reasons. Why do you still feel that it was the right thing to do? To impose our beliefs on other people? Or because you falsely believe that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11 or our national security. Oh they didn't then, but they might now courtesy of the last GOP administration.

Also, I'm sorry but I'm not swayed or impressed by your husband having been a precinct chairman. Didn't you yourself express some surprise that he was even selected in the first place? Hate to break it to you, but with the extremely low turn out for the Republicans in the primary season they were desperate to get precinct chairs wherever they could. You have to have absolutely ZERO qualifications to be a precinct chair. They don't even have to verify that you're actually registered to vote. Do you know how I know? Because I have also been a precinct chair. So let's try something else.

I'll give you credit though for acknowledging that local government is going to affect your life a lot more than who the next president is. There are, however, too many big issues that the president has the ability to make decisions on that have resulted in terrible consequences for the American people and for those abroad. I know you think you were making a clever little joke there about the war on foreign countries, but it is possible to wage a war on the people of your own country. Ever heard of the war on drugs or the war on poverty...or say civil wars? yeah. those don't exist!

That's sarcasm by the way. :)

Krista said...

Your comment section could become a new entry honey.