Sunday, May 28

The Best Question Ever.

'Mom, is a scorpion worse than a Nazi?'

I found another scorpion in the sink this morning, and the kids were awake this time, so I showed it to them. (By the way, as opposed to the last scorpion, who was nicely sitting in plain view on the inside edge of the totally empty sink, this one was hiding in a rag, on the side of a full sink of dirty dishes, and I didn't see him until I had already finished cleaning all the dishes what were 0-4 inches from said scorpion. Hmph.) We also killed a very large one on the side of the house yesterday evening. If you ask the kids how to kill a scorpion, they will say, 'Go find mom, and mom will whop him with a shoe.' This answer is not only 100% true, it is really funny to hear from my kids.

Sam asked me the above question after viewing this morning's visitor, after we had washed him down the disposal. My brilliant, pre-coffee answer? 'No, Sam, there is almost nothing worse than a Nazi.'

On a totally different note, tomorrow is Memorial Day.

Thank you to all the men and women who have served our amazing country, and continue to do so. We pray for our active members every day.


Katie said...

I need to read this thing more often. I keep missing you in Katy. And I just want to keep your little children.

Hey, you remember that time at Camp Peniel when there was a scorpion in your bed, and we all were so scared of a repeat that we slept on top of our covers for the rest of the week, even though we were freezing to death? Good times with Cabin 10. HOW DO I REMEMBER THAT???

~Kayla~ said...

We use Ortho Home Defense Max, spraying all the doorframes, window frames, seams and the base of the house for our scorpions. Works great. Has cut them down from several a motnh to one or 3 a month (that we see anyway!). Now if only we could get rid of the snakes.....