Thursday, July 6

Musings and Ramblings

July 4 was two days ago. This is a holiday that can piss me off sometimes, because people are stupid. I know that this country isn't perfect. I really do get that. But I love it here. I love that I can go to church. Or not. Whatever church I want to! How many people don't get what a big deal that is?!?

I love that I can hate the president, or love him. I love that I can vote for anyone of my choosing, be it Kinky Friedman or Mickey Mouse or some guy whose name I've never even heard.

I love that I can read, write or publish any book I want. Or not. I love that I can listen to any song on any radio station. If I don't like something, I can just NOT LISTEN TO IT or NOT READ IT!! I love that!!!

I love that I can not have any kids, or that I can have 15 kids. I love that I can have 15 boys, or 15 girls. I love that I can raise my kids.

Are things in this country flawed? Hell yeah! So many things are wrong! I hate that I am in the largest marketing bloc, but the smallest voting bloc. If the people near me in age would start voting, then ... holy shark repellant, Batman!! Do you have any idea what could be acomplished?? I hate that more people don't vote! But I sure do love that they have that choice. (I just wish that people who don't vote wouldn't bitch. At all.)

I love that I can donate money to my church, to the Republicans, to the Democrats, to a cult, to Hollywood, to starving children, to the KKK, to the ACLU, to the library, or to a college fund. Or all of them at the same time. Or to none.

I love that I can protest, burn a flag, write a nasty letter to a politician I don't agree with, or simply hug someone who fought/is fighting to make sure I can love all the things I've mentioned.

And to all those people I just mentioned, from the kids at Lexington and Concord, to the kids at Normandy Beach, to the kids in Korea and Vietnam, to the kids in Iraq, just one thing.

Thank you.

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