Tuesday, July 11

you know you have todlers when ...

~you forget how to say the word 'caterpillar,' because you have spent the last 2 years saying calapettar. I had to call John yesterday to ask him what the real word is, and he actually had to think about it for a minute, so I didn't feel quite so bad.

~you get really, really excited when you get to take a shower that lasts more than 3 minutes, and takes place between the hours of 7am and 9pm.

~silence between the above mentioned hours is cause for panic.

~you have three or more different food groups in your purse.

~at a birthday party, someone else's kid throws up, and you continue to eat your hotdog, unfazed.

~you have to remind your children before company comes over that they have to flush, and that they must be fully dressed before leaving the bathroom.

~you know the number to Poison Control by heart, not because it is posted on the back of every phone and is on the fridge, but because you have called them 4 or more times.

~you point out a cow when you are driving, then realize that you are alone.

~you can name every Von Trapp child, but honestly don't remember the last time you saw a movie in the theater.

~you know how to remove and reinstall doorknobs.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Other news: we are having the pastor of a church we've been visiting, Bastop Bible Church, over this evening. Seeing how I was raised Baptist and all, there will be pie, ice cream, and decaf coffee. I'm actually looking forward to the visit. He seems to be a really nice guy, and his wife and my aunt are very close friends, so I've nothing but wonderful things about them!

If I haven't mentioned before, I LOVE living out here. The thought of moving any closer to a city than we already are makes me very nervous. I never want to move to a place closer in, or with a smaller lot than we've got here. There is so much to do out here, and so much that we're able to teach the kids from what we see every day, and it is so amazingly beautiful and peaceful. All you city folk are just plumb off yer rockers! :)

Oh!! I have 2 canteloupes!!!! I am so excited! They're so tiny and fuzzy and cute!! I thought they would never start producing fruit. Now, if only the watermelons, pumpkins, and squash would follow the canteloupes' lead ... Hmmmm ...

Off to The Woodlands tomorrow to have a girls day with Marg, and then to Katy to have supper with Mom. Then back home! I think it will be a long day, but I'm going to be kid-free, probably for the the second time since we've moved out here, so I can live with my long yet quiet day. :)

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