Sunday, July 23

Updated Score(s)

Scorpions on my fireplace hearth: 0 for 3
My brown Tommy clogs: 3 for 0

(Mwwaaahahahahahahahaha ...)

Loads of laundry I have put out on the clothes line: 7
Loads of laundry that have been left on the clothes line, as John predicted: 0


Times I have watered my yard and had my feet chowed on my fireants: one billion
Times I have watered my yard and managed to avoid any fireants: 0

(Why can I not avoid the stoopid ants? Because they are everywhere, but I have been explicitly forbidden from using ant poison. To the point where it has been put away out of my reach. Gah.)

Times today that Sam and Evie have been really mad at each other: 8
Times today that Sam and Evie have played together like best friends: many more than 8

Oh, what a complicated life I lead ... Kevin came by yesterday afternoon, which made my kids so very happy. Ok, I was very happy, too! It's always fun to see him, especially without his friends. Not that I don't love his friends, because I think we all know that I do, but it's very unusual to see Kevin without anyone else. Also, he managed to meet a girl at a party in Austin that lives 2 streets away from me! What??? Only Kevin can pull that off ...

We went to church this morning after dropping John off at work. I had a very nice time, although it would have been better with John. (He did manage to al least be off most Sunday mornings next month, so I am very pleased about that!) Pastor Oliver has been teaching on Romans 6, and it's been great. I've always loved Romans, and I enjoy the way he speaks, with a sense of humor yet very, very honest and direct. I finally got to meet his wife, Pace, last week; she is good friends with my auntie Rebecca, but I kept missing her at church. The Olivers are about to have baby #6, and I am so happy for them, and only slightly jealous. :)

Sherry is coming to visit next weekend (yea!), and Saturday is the Bastrop Gardens Butterfly Festival! I've known about this since they started planning it, and when I saw Linda (the Bird Lady who lives next door and works at Bastrop Gardens) a few days ago, she made sure that we were going to be there. Of course!! I can't wait!

And on that note, I have to go straighten the kitchen and feed my children, because we have to go pick John up from work soon. Woohoo!!


sarahmolly said...

I love your Blog. Especially since not everyone in the world reads it, so I kind of feel like I'm part of a special club :)

Krista said...

Here's a website you can go to with "NATURAL" ways to try and kill of your fire ants. Ways that won't possibly poison your kids: