Monday, July 17

Pregnancy foods

I try to behave while I'm pregnant when it comes to food, and I do pretty durned well, too. I eat whole grain breads and bagels, I eat lots of fruit and veggies, and when I binge on something sweet, it's usually a can of pineapples or a huge glass of juice. I try to snack on things like graham crackers (the low fat cinnamon kind) and apples, and if I'm wild and crazy, I may eat 6 tomatoes in one day. I did that yesterday, and it was soooo good. I eat salads, I stay active by working in my yard and chasing my children and doing light yoga, I drink very healthy herbal teas, and I've even inspired John to consider working out.


I am craving fajitas from Chuy's with a ton of sour cream and cheese, along with a bowl of queso the size of my head, accompanied by a Dot margarita or a couple of Coors Lights (I know, I'm a cheap bear kind of gal), then a huge piece of espresso cheesecake and a cup of good, strong coffee to finish off my dream meal.

Or a Snickers. That would be nice, too.


I guess I'll go get supper ready. Healthy leftovers. There's not even any ice cream in my kitchen for me to sneak while I'm getting my salad ready.

Poor me.

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