Saturday, October 6

Quick Update

Well, Dustin's funeral went well yesterday. I went with Sarah and Lyndsey, who flew in from New Orleans that morning to make it in time. There were at least 7 people who got up and spoke about Dustin, and there was a great slide show, and it was all very touching. Except ... the person who did the service was awful. And I feel bad for saying that. And heaven help us, but Lyndsey and I almost cracked up several times. Lyndsey kind of alternated from almost crying (y'know, the kind where you just have a few tears every few seconds that you dab at, but you're not really crying?) to shaking with laughter at something completely inappropriate the pastor would say. It was bad, guys.

We got out into the foyer afterwards, all three of us about to go our separate ways, and L and I were worried that Sarah would be upset with us. We didn't know if she had seen us desperately trying not to laugh or not. But it turned out that she agreed with us, so we didn't feel (quite so) bad.

All that to say that Dustin very obviously touched a lot of people's lives, and the lack of his presence will be deeply felt. He was a great, happy, fun, caring guy, and it was almost an honor to sit there yesterday and hear the stories about his from the people that were closest to him.

Then I picked the kids up, drove to San Antonio, watched John take his flight that he enjoyed except for the aerobatics that made his kind of sick all the way into last night, ate supper in San Marcos, drove straight to Starbucks for out Titus 2 meeting at 8, ran by HEB after, ran into Becky and Alex and chatted with them, and didn't get home until almost 11. So I didn't see my house from 6:30 yesterday morning until 11 last night.

And I'm getting ready to leave again in about half an hour. We're very excited to go to The Woodlands to visit Sherry and her new house, and we'll be leaving there around 9 tonight ... and then going to the never ending day at church tomorrow. And then driving to San Antonio again on Monday to visit Candi and the see the Pearls speak that evening. And not getting out of bed at all on Tuesday. :)

Please pray that I can get some rest, I really need it, and that the kids' amazing behavior would continue. They have absolutely blown me out of the water these last few days; I have just been so proud of them!!

Hopefully, then next time I post, I'll have something interesting to say, not just tired ramblings ... Maybe some new pics, who knows? :)


At A Hen's Pace said...

So sorry to hear about your friend.

Does Brea rhyme with Ree?


Thanks for stopping by!


Patriot said...

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Thank you!

Nin said...

wow, what an exhausting week you've had! I'm sorry to hear about your friend too.