Thursday, October 4

So Tired!

We have been so busy lately. And it's not going to slow down anytime soon, either ...

On Tuesday, we drove to San Antonio. We went by the Antique Rose Emporium, a mall, Chili's, and then to the little airport where John was supposed to take his airplane ride. We got to the airport, and were able to see the plane land with the person who flew before John. Very neat plane, by the way. John got in, got his goggles and parachute on (just in case of emergency, you know!), was ready to go ... and the plane wouldn't start. The pilot thought it was the starter, and since the company is in San Antonio until Saturday, we're going down there again on Friday to give it another whirl.

But John is going to drive to San Antonio by himself, and we'll meet him over there, because I have a funeral to go to Friday morning. Dustin was a guy that I knew in junior high and high school, and we were never super close, but he was always very sweet to me. Lyndsey and I are going to go together, I think. The kids will be with my mom. I'm leaving right after the church service to pick the kids up and head to San Antonio, so I can watch John's ride and get lots of great pictures.

On Saturday, we'll be leaving about 6:45 to drive to The Woodlands to see Sherry and her new house. I think she just closed like a month ago, and we're all looking forward to the trip. We'll be there until 9-ish, so the kids will sleep when we drive home.

On Saturday, we have church and potluck afterwards, and then we have a baptism ceremony. I'm excited about it, because (among other reasons) the church hasn't had one since we started going.

Monday is a slow day, or as I am now calling it, The Day I Plan On Not Leaving Bed. :) Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are just days to run errands, do laundry, do school, cook, etc. And we'll probably take Mr McCormick a meal Wednesday, too. Then Thursday, I'm driving to Austin to run errands like SAM'S Club and Whole Foods, and having coffee or lunch with an old girlfriend.

Whew!! I'm tired just writing all of this. I think I need a nap. :)

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