Friday, January 4

Eggs! and other ramblings

Our chickens are laying eggs! Because I still had 2 dozen store eggs in the fridge, I've only used a few of them. But they are lovely and different colors and the yolks are rich and yummy. Again, since I had 2 dozen store eggs and get twitchy if I throw just about anything out, I decided to give some of the first eggs away. Some to our neighbor, and some to Kristie.

Then the chickens started hiding their eggs, and we've only collected two in the last 3 days. We should be getting at least 7 per day at this point. Hateful, stingy birds. They lay outside because we don't have anything set up for them to lay in inside the coop at the moment. I'm going to change all that tomorrow and hopefully start getting eggs again in a few days.

In other Stewart news ... My father-in-law is moving to Austin. He left Maryland this morning, and will get to Round Rock (where his sister lives) on the 9th. Why is it going to take 5 days? No idea. MapQuest says that from Round Rock to Maryland is 1523 miles from Round Rock, or 23 hours and 30 minutes. So, you'd have to drive under 5 hours each day to take 5 days to get here. Or, let's assume that he's planning on getting here early on the 9th. You'd have to drive less than 6 hours each day. Hmm. I know he plans on doing some sightseeing, but that's a lot of historical sites. But you know what? He's really, really into history, so more power to him.

He's not sure where he's going to live yet, not even what part of town he needs to live in, so Heather (John's half-sister) and I have been trying to to a little legwork for him. I'm a little stressed about the whole thing, and a little ticked off at John that he's not stressed about any of this. I mean, I'm not losing sleep or weight or hair or anything, but I want everything to go smoothly. And this is John's dad, people.

Anyway. I can only control my actions and responses, so there's really no point in getting worked up. What's going to happen will happen, and I can decide to have a positive or negative attitude. I've decided to be positive, and see all the good things that can come of this.

When we were in Katy, my mom gave my ten pounds of venison hamburger (ground venison). My mom rules, for real. I made chili for the first time last night, and was extremely nervous. I've a) never made chili, and b) never cooked with venison. Luckily, my fears were unfounded, and the chili turned out wonderfully. It was awesome, and I ate too much of it last night. And today for lunch. I'll post the recipe tomorrow, and you all have to make it immediately. It's not too spicy ... I plan on using more spice next time, actually. And did I mention the good part?? John and the boys and I chowed on it. Evie ... not so much. But I was expecting that. Oh, well!!

John gave me a Magic Bullet for Christmas, and I've been loving it! I've been maxing XanGo smoothies every day, and my energy level has gone up, and my knees haven't been bugging me at all; they usually bug me worse in the cold months. I hadn't been taking it in a while, and I forgot what a difference it makes. Wow! The kids love smoothies, too, so it's been fun all around.

I'll be posting a book review in a few days. I'm going to post more about what I'm reading this year, if for no other reason than to keep track so I can make a list at the end of next year. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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