Tuesday, March 25

Have I Mentioned ...

Have I mentioned the lovely Mrs Fussypants? She's so cool. One might even say that she's too cool for school, seeing how she homeschools her four boys. (Get it? Too cool for school ... her kids aren't a school because it's not cool ... get it?? I know, I know. I just crack myself up sometimes. Don't be jealous.) Anyway ... She's got four fairly young boys, with another on the way, and she's just about the funniest thing I've ever read. I've decided that she and I would be simply fabulous friends, and have long chats (serious and girly ones) over good cups of coffee, and that all our friends would get along wonderfully. Of course, it would help if she knew I existed ... or if we lived within three states of each other ... y'know, little details like that.

I love stalking her reading her blog each morning, because she's a good little blogger, and posts funny things every day. She's addicted to Lost, and does a really bad recap the day or two after each new episode. She watches Oprah and loves Dr Oz. She fights the frump every Friday, which is wonderful for moms with kids. As opposed to moms without kids, I guess. Hmm. She lets readers think of funny captions for ridiculous pictures she finds, and makes lovely and cool jewelry.

So go check her out, and give her some love. She rules.

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Rachel said...

Great post about the fabulous Mrs. Fussypants! I have some of her earrings and they are my favorites! I'm ordering a necklace from her soon! She is so funny and talented.
I keep telling her she needs to move to Texas, too!
By the way. We have a new site just for Texas bloggers, if you'd like an invitation please shoot me an e-mail.
Great blog!