Thursday, March 20

still here ... just outside quite a bit

I promise, I haven't gone anywhere. I've just been super busy. John has a cold and is acting like he had a limb amputated and he might die has been a little cranky, we've had family issues (nothing bad, just family, lol!), it's go time outside, and we've got people coming in this weekend for Easter. Oh, and the whole school, housework, cleaning, taking care of everyone, normal stuff on top of it.

We've started some new things with the kids for school, and that's been going really well. We're in the middle of Prince Caspian (I heart CS Lewis!!), and I've been reading the Charlotte Mason Companion. Why has no one thrown this book at me before?? (Kristie, thanks for bringing this book over and politely telling me I had to read it. I love you. Sometimes, I just need someone to tell me what to do.) I have been so inspired by what the author writes, and John has been pretty interested, too, so he's been letting me talk till I'm blue in the face without duct taping my mouth shut and locking me in a closet just to make the noise stop tuning out. :)

I've planted a bunch of my Cherokee Trail of Tears pole beans, most of the tomatoes are ready to go in the ground tomorrow, and if I can stop and get the soil I need on the way home today, I think I can get the rest of my beans and most of my herbs in. Except I forgot to mention a freakin' hilarious thing that happened a few weeks ago. I put my seed tray with all my cute little teeny-tiny plants out in the sun, to help them grow. I came outside about an hour later, and my bleeping cat that I don't even like to begin with was laying down ... on top of all my little seedlings!!! I seriously cried. I sat down and cried. Then I started throwing things at the cat. For real.

On the upside, I had already taken out most of my tomatoes, and a few basil plants. But that's it. I lost over 50 seedlings, because said cat started rolling in the seed tray when she saw me. So I'll be able to put in about 5 tomato plants, and a few basil plants. And most of my other seeds that you start in the ground.

John's been working on putting in the flower beds (we're reversed in that sense ... I love veg gardens, and all things edible. I'm more than happy to let him take over the flowers, and as long as I plant tomatoes, he's content to have me in charge of anything that ends up on the supper table. I'll never be able to put that much time and effort into something that I'm not going to eat one day ...), and he's doing a really great job. Everything he's been working on looks so nice.

The kids and I are fixing to go over to Kristie's, because the kids are going to play together, and she and I are going to have a work morning, and get some of her outside beds cleared out so she can put in some more veggies.

Mom and Wes are coming up Saturday for Easter, and John's dad is meeting us at church ... even though John will be at work. I think Nan (my mom's mom) is coming out to visit Saturday, and I'm excited about that, too.

Hoping to have a new confession up tomorrow, but no promises. I know all two of my readers just hang on my every word, but try not to get yourself too worked up. This one will be fun for me, though, and more than a little embarrassing.

Here's a nice little hint. Can you guess who these supa-fly people are?

No? Well, I guess you'll have to tune back in tomorrow afternoon. Same bat time, same bat channel!!


Anonymous said...

I don't blame you wanting to be outside--it's up to the 40s some days here now, and I get out every chance I can! Love me some spring-time!

Holly said...

Hey! I have grown the Cherokee Trail of Tears beans before! Very fun pole beans...a heirloom seed, right?

Can't wait to get growin'!

Have a blessed Easter.

Amy # said...

They are the Captain and Tenille! I used to listen to their song "Muskrat Love" over and over.