Monday, March 3

spring rain!

Yay! Spring rains!! I was getting a little nervous, because a few wildflowers (mostly Indian Paintbrushes) have been popping up here and there, and it's been really dry lately. We didn't have a great wildflower season last year, because all that rain we got came just after the flowers. But last spring was our first wet spring since we've lived here, and it was amazing!! I can't wait to post pictures of my property and all my gardens (there's three four at last count, but I seem to be adding a new one every few weeks!) in about a month. The trees are all starting to bud, and my swiss chard, spinach, peas, and lettuces are growing like crazy. We don't mow our back yard each year until about June because of all the wildflowers that come up. We are a traditional yard-lover's nightmare, because we love all the 'weeds' that are so beautiful ... especially the dandelions!!

I got my first little bit of sun the other day, because I was wearing a tank top while tilling (again!) and moving the 600 pounds of top soil I bought.

Can I change the subject for a minute? I mean, I'm sure you're all snoring away riveted to the screen, bored to tears enthralled, reading about my love of wildflowers, weeds, and my garden. Exciting stuff, I know! But did you ever see Finding Nemo? That Disney/Pixar movie about the clown fish (Nemo) who is captured, and his dad has to go out and save him? Ok, if you haven't seen it, go rent it and watch it. I'm not big on most kids movies, but this one is just really cute, and great. Anyway, there's a few scenes with some seagulls, and since it's a movie, what they're screeching is translated into English. As it turns out, they're just sitting there yelling, 'MINE,' over and over again. 'MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!!' It's really, really funny.

Who knew my baby was a seagull? He's learned to say, 'mine,' and it's his favorite phrase ... especially when his older siblings are involved. He and the others are cleaning the loft behind me while I work at the computer right now. He just looooooooves to grab something out of Sam's hand, turn around, and run off, all the while saying, 'MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE!' at the top of his lungs. God help the person who tries to take something away from him. It's amazing at what a young age you can see the human sin nature start emerging from such a tiny, innocent little soul. (And I'm not saying it takes all the way until 17 months for it to emerge ... it's there way earlier!!)

On that note, everyone has made their way downstairs, and are now working on the dishwasher. I just heard all three start screaming 'DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!' so I'm guessing John is awake now. I promise, I'll try to write something marginally interesting the next time I sit down on the computer. Or maybe not. My life is pretty boring, and I love it like that! :) Have a blessed day!!!

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