Monday, July 21

Monday Meal Plan

Well, here goes for this week.

Monday, July 21 (John is off. Woohoo!)
lunch: grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches, with strawberries
supper: Chili's (this is a huge treat for us. John has eaten Chili's food 5 days a week for the last 19 years; it's not exactly something he's chomping at the bit to do on his days off!)

Tuesday, July 22 (John opens, then has Men's Leadership Class that evening)
lunch: wraps
supper: fresh purple hulled peas with bacon, and baked mashed butternut squash

Wednesday, July 23 (John opens)
lunch: leftovers
supper: stuffed squash

Thursday, July 24 (John closes)
lunch: red beans and rice with sausage and cornbread
supper: leftovers

Friday, July 25 (John is a mid)
lunch: whatever John makes*
supper: leftovers and sandwiches

Saturday, July 26 (John opens) *
lunch: n/a
supper: leftovers and sandwiches

Sunday, July 27 (John closes)
lunch: baked potatoes with trimmings and salad
supper: wraps

*On Saturday, I'll have a booth at Deena's Bastrop Gardens, at the Butterfly Festival. (If you're local, please come play!!! It's going to be a ton of fun.) I'll have my herbal teas, XanGo samples, drinks, peach and apple butter, and about a bazillion baked goods. I started making batches of cookie dough (freezing the dough into cookie-sized balls) a few weeks ago, so I'll be baking cookies, brownies, and muffins all day Friday. I don't care what my family is eating, as long as 1) I don't have to cook it, and 2) it's not my cookies, etc. :) We'll be eating lunch at the festival, cause the tamale people will be there. Woohoo!!

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