Wednesday, March 15

Busy, busy, busy

My mom watched the kids last weekend. Woohoo!!!!!! I took them in on Thursday, stayed Thursday night (and got to have tea with the ever-wonderful, ever-beautiful MOLLY!!!), and drove home Friday. It was awesome!! John and I had a very late breakfast on the porch at 8:45 Saturday and Sunday morning, and went to lunch Saturday. We also got the garden planted on Saturday, which is wonderful, because that's really been weighing on my mind. We've planted 27 garlic sprouts, 10 tomato plants (4 different kinds), 5 strawberry plants, and spearmint and lavender. Peppermint goes in later this week, along with squash and bell peppers. I really wish I could have a whole huge mess of green beans, but I don't think it's going to happen this year. I think I alerady have enough on my plate ... pun intended! But I digress.

I met Mom in La Grange Sunday evening, and picked up Sam, Evie, and Wesley! Wes is going back tonight, and it has been so wonderful to have him. I'm sure he's been bored, because if you're not used to being out here, it can seem a little slow, but I've had a great time with him. I took him to the Green Chi Cafe (can't find the actual website) this morning, and he really liked it. I luuuv the owner, Matt, because he's super friendly and makes great food. And he talks foor with me when I go in. The kids always say hi to him, too. Then we drove into Austin and went to Boggy Creek Farmers' Market and Whole Foods. We had a great time. I'll meet my mom in Colombus this evening, after John gets home, to drop off the kids. And I think I'm going to be completely wild and crazy and get some of those curly fries from Dairy Queen. Mmmmm, curly fries ...

Poor Sam!!! He is sick again! I don't think he ever completely recovered from last week's cold, and then caught another one. He has the worst cough. He's been drinking my cough tea a lot, which he likes and seems to help him, and taking my homemade cough medicine, too. But he still sounds awful. However, as of this morning, he seems to be a little better. So hopefully I won't have to take him to the doctor. I am really, really not crazy about doctors. I have an extreme distrust for pretty much all of them, to one extent or another. I do believe that God gave great men some great minds, and that many people would not be alove today if it were not for modern medicine. However, I think that we have abused the natural wisdom that God gave us, and over the last hundred years or so, have neglected the naural things that work to help our bodies recover on their own. Just my $.02.

The kids are up, and I need to call John and convince him to bring home some fajitas this afternoon. I mean, they're for Baby. Baby wants beef fajitas with extra cheese. Who am I to deny Baby what (s)he wants? Seriously.

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