Sunday, March 5


I feel like crap. John gave me his stoopid cold, and I would really like to curl up into a little ball and DIE. Because then, I wouldn never have to blow my nose again. As things stand, I think my nose will fall of by the end of the day if nothing changes.

Ok, I'm not really that sick. I do feel like crap, but I'm not able to take anything for my headache, which is making me a tad cranky. But I think I'll live. I'm just extra whiney because John had to work all day yesterday, all day today, and all day tomorrow. Which means I have no help with the kids until around 6 each evening. Heaven forbid I consider the fact that he feels only slightly better than I do, but still has to work at least a 10 hour day. At least I don't have to change out of my pj's and actually be around people that iritate me. Which is most everyone. I'm not a big fan of being around other people.

I made jello yesterday, wild strawberry, and this is what happens when a very clumsy two-year-old eats jello and then puts on a funny hat that's about 2 sizes too small.

This is Sam, trying to show me what the feathers look like on the crested guinea. We had a long lesson about different types of domestic birds the other afternoon.

Ok, here's a huge pet peeve of mine: I go and actually buy a cd, which I do about 3 times a year, and some of the songe are amazing and fantastic, but then some of the songs make me feel like my brain is going to explode from the bad-ness. This happened with the last cd I bought, one by Jamie Cullum. He's a great musician, has a great voice, but some of the songs make me think, 'WHY?? Why would you do that? You seem like a relatively intelligent chap, so what are you doing??' Anyway, he's got one song where he describes going back through old pictures, and at one point has the lyrics 'when I look back at my ordinary, ordinary life I see so much magic, though I missed it at the time.' I LOVE that!

And now, for something completely different: a man with three buttocks.

On that note, I'm going to order a bunch of herbs, cause I'm running low. Got lots of care packages coming up in the future, and I'm going to have them ready early, for once ...

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Lyndsey Rabon said...

Mr. Cullum and I go way back. I particularly like his re-make of Pharell's hip hop song "Frontin." I think its on the same CD you bought.