Tuesday, March 28

things that are very cute.

Today's subject will be Little Miss Evelyn. Evie, to most of you. She is very cute, and sometimes I think that, one day when John gets home, he's going to say to me, 'Ok, I see Sam, but where's Evie?' And I'm going to have to explain to him that she was just too durned cute, and I ate her all up. I just want to bite her cheeks sometimes!!! Sometimes, I bite her belly. Because it is big. And cute, like her.

A few nights ago, I took a quick shower before supper after John got home. I mean, quick. I put supper in the oven and had just enough time to wash off, throw some clothes on, and run back downstairs. I hadn't even had time to comb my hair yet, so it was wrapped up in a towel. Evie came back inside as I was pulling the dish out of the oven, and stood on her stool to help me make the salad and the veggies. All of a sudden she stopped, looked at my head, and you could just see the wheels turning. Then she put her hand on my arm, very gently, and said in the most wonderful voice, 'You look just like Nanno, sweetie!' And promptly went back to work washing green beans.

I had to work on not falling over with laughter right in front of her. For those of you who may not know, Nanno is my mom, and she walks around with a towel on her head when she gets out of the shower. I never do this, plus I always shower around 5:45, before Evie is up. Evie has seen my mom like this several times, and was able to put it all together that fast. Yes, that's right. I have the smartest kid ever.

And she called me 'sweetie'!!! I should probably correct that, but it was CUTE!!! She asked John if she could please have some more milk the other night at supper. When he handed it to her, she said, 'Thanks, sweetie!' without even looking at him!!! AWWW!!!! (And I got a very strange look from John that said, 'What have you done to my daughter?' 'Well, good sir, I ate her. That's what. She was cute, and I gobbled her up.')

So, pictures of cute.

The Cute Cleaning Evie

The Cute 'No, I'm Not On The Hood Of The Jeep And
You Can't Prove A Thing' Evie

The Cute, Double-Dipping, Librarian, In Her PJ Shirt At Noon Evie

But of course, who could forget her wonderful partner in crime, Sam-I-Am? If you call him cute, he will tell you that he is handsome, so watch out for that one. He is so wonderful, and he has the best sense of humor, too! And he's probably the best guinea catcher in the family. Sometimes, he throws things at Evie, and she cries, and when he hears me coming, he says in a very loud voice, 'Evie, what's wrong? Are you ok? What happened?' Yeah, try and tell me he's not the oldest ...

The Handsome, Yet Lazy, Muscle Man Sam

The Handsome PB&J-eating Sam

<big sigh>

I have such a hard life. :)

I am so crazy about the three of them!!! I heart John, Sam, and Evie!!

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Marilyn Crawshaw said...

Brea, I just finished reading your tinymama blog messages and you are a very gifted writer. The tales of "truth" are adorable and enjoyable to read. Sherry had suggested I go to the website, and I am so glad I did.

Some of the info you shared had already been sent to me by "Grandma Sherry"; but I enjoyed your versions too. Sherry keeps me updated on your family and she is so very proud of you and John, and of course Sam and Evie. I was glad Jean spent some time with you recently too. She told me how much she enjoyed her visit. She doesn't know that Sherry and I keep in close touch via e-mail because she would be very jealous of that. So Sherry and I just keep our info to ourselves, and when Jean shares something, I take it as "new information" and let her tell me about it. Sometimes relationships are "different" and have to be handled accordingly for some reason; but it is wise to recognize the fact and carry on.

We are doing fine. Some of the things you shared about Sam and Evie we can relate to with our 2 year old Great Grandson, Jayden. He entertains Bill and I usually on Mondays while his Mom works, so we are at least a small part of his life at this point. If we didn't keep him once a week, we probably wouldn't see him much with everyone working as they do. Monday when he was here he was running with his grocery cart down the concrete sidewalk (paying no attention to my telling him to slow down) and his feet went out from under him and he fell backwards on the concrete. I heard his head "conk" and hated to even think about what damage was done. Well, he had a "goose egg" on the back of his head, and of course wouldn't let me put an ice pack on it for longer than 2 seconds. Later when I laid him on the bed to change his diaper, he started fussing and holding the back of his head. When Holly came to pick him up I told her what had happened and that she may have to change his diaper with him standing up a few days. He loves his Paw Paw (Bill) and everything revolves around Paw Paw and Choo Choos.

Well, I won't rattle on. I know you are busy with family and home; but I wanted to say "hello" to you and the family and let you know how much I enjoyed reading your stories. Keep up the great work!

God's blessings over you all!

Lots of love & many prayers:

Aunt Marilyn & Uncle Bill Crawshaw