Wednesday, March 22

Things That Happen When You Try To Teach Yourself To Juggle

When I was much younger, I was able to do a very, very limited bit of juggling. As in, I could start out with three balls in my hands, each ball could be in the air, and I could catch them without a single one touching the ground. Just one rotation, but it was still cool. So today, I was walking to the trashcan with three oranges in my hands. They were most decidedly past their prime, and more than a little squishy. All of a sudden, I had this thought: 'If I could juggle, my kids would absolutely worship the ground I walk on, and more importantly, it would surprise the crap out of John, and I very rarely have the ability to do that. I am going to teach myself how to juggle!!'

About five minutes and 9000 failed attempts to juggle more than one rotation, the orange remains were in the trash, and I was cleaning up a good deal of orange innards off my floor. So, what does happen when you try to teach yourself how to juggle, you ask? A very big mess. I'm just glad I didn't get this bit of inspiration while I was holding eggs. Eww.

Welcome to Texas, ladies and gentlemen. I was in short sleeves on Christmas and New Year's Day, but seeing how last night was the second night of spring, it was in the mid-30's here. Eh???????

We are planting a butterfly garden!!! It is going to be so very cool. We prepped the area yesterday, all around the pond and 'river,' and bought some of the plants today. I'll put some pics up tomorrow when we get everything planted. We have found a couple of very cool indie nurseries in this area, and have been very pleased with their prices, so far. And one of them keeps a flock of guineas for bug control, which made me laugh. I loved it!! Oh, those crazy hippies ...

I have reached the conclusion that I enjoy dancing to bad music. And 80's music. But most of all, I love dancing to bad 80's music. The songs I danced to yesterday and today in my kitchen while backing about a zillion different things:
White Wedding, by Billy Idol
Wild Thing, but not the one by the Troggs, the really dirty one
several different songs by Bon Jovi (ok, confession? I totally have a thing for Bon Jovi)
Magic Carpet Ride, by Steppenwolf
1999, by Prince
I Love Rock and Roll, by Joan Jett
the Joker, by the Steve Miller Band
I Will Survive, by Gloria Gainer
lots and lots of the Clash (love the CDs I have!!)
and last (but not at all least) Friends in Low Places, by Garth Brooks.

And there were ever so many others, but those are the only ones I could think of. I love to dance. But not if anyone else is around. John walked in and caught me dancing to Baby Got Back the other morning (seriously, I thought he was still out in the Jungle with the chainsaw and I had the radio up really loud so I didn't hear him come in the house) and I almost DIED of embarassment!!! So, let's just keep this dancing obsession between us, ok, and not let my secret out?? Thanks.

One of the managers John works with just had a baby; well, his wife did, and on John's request I made the mom a 'happy' basket today. It had Healthy Cookies, Whole Wheat Banana Bread, two kinds of tea that are really good for nursing moms, a cute tin for the tea, Burt's Bees lotion (I LOVE that stuff!!), a few little baby toys like ones that my kids loved, and I think John was going to pick up some flowers on the way to work. I have so much fun doing stuff like that! All the things had my little angel stamp on them, and I wrote her a note, too. And, I made a giant batch of banana bread, so I have lots of that leftover for us to have for breakfast the next few mornings. Woohoo!!

On that note, I'm missing Law and Order right now (and my house is in decent shape and my kitchen is clean, so I can watch guilt-free), so I'm off to go see whodunnit! New pics in the next few days.

Oh, and let's not forget something very, very important:


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