Friday, March 3

the house of ill ... people

You thought I was going to say 'the house of ill repute.' Get your mind out of the gutter.

Someone help me! It's bad enough when you have a little one who isn't feeling well, but when it's your husband ... Oy! John is really under the weather. He's actually considering calling in to work today. If you don't know how big of a deal that is, let me explain. John and I have been married 4 years, together for over 5, so we've probably known each other for about 6 years (wow! has it been that long?!?). In 6 years, he's called in sick once. Once, people! He's in bed, sniffling and coughing, and trying to sleep. I made him some hot tea earlier, with lemon and honey, so that should help his throat a little, and help him get some sleep. That failing, I'm also getting some Thera Flu at the store in a little while. Please pray for him!

Speaking of Evie, which we weren't, she's the little one who is under the weather. Luckily, she's not nearly as bad off as the husband. But she does have big, sad red eyes, and a runny nose, which she is constantly trying to wipe on my leg or shoulder, whichever she may be closer to at the moment. (I am actually a little concerned that the nose wiping doesn't even phase me. I am such a MOM now.) She has been a little off this morning, which has been just way too amusing for me. When she got up, she asked for tea, which I was more than happy to get her. The catch? She wanted to lay down in the kitchen. After pondering this dilema for a whopping 4.82 seconds, I consented. I got our big old comforter, folded it over, tossed a pillow down, and viola! instant bed-in-the-kitchen. She stayed there for about 45 minutes.

A few minutes ago, she picked up a green wooden ball that goes with one of her toys and said, 'Oh, there's my phone!' put it up to her ear, and started talking to someone. I'm not sure who she was talking to, I think maybe my mother?

We have a huge book called the Encylopedia of North American Birds; a large hardback number with a milliondy pictures that weighs about 65 pounds. Both kids love looking at it, especially finding the birds we have in this area. Evie was trying to find the owls earlier, and becoming very frustrated when she wasn't able to find any of them. She picked the book up to bring it to me, so we could find the owls, but she kept leaning over to one side, and stumbling like a drunk, because of the weight of the book. I tried not to laugh at her, but I was just about rolling on the floor by the time she got to me.

The weather ws so great yesterday tha we were able to take the guineas, Larry, Curly, and Moe, outside for several hours. They were just about the funniest things I've ever seen, and they immediately ate about 100 cutter ants. This is me with Larry, the trouble maker of the group.

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So, that's our life as of this morning. More pics of the kids this afternoon, or maybe tomorrow.

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Krista said...

Is that last picture you? How entirely cute can you be!?!?!
I mean pretty.

Ahhh ... yeah. I'm going to stick with cute.