Friday, April 4

Get You!

David loves to play a game called Get You. It always comes out of the middle of nowhere, and he seems to really want to play at all the wrong times, like in the middle of the sermon on Sundays. Here's how it works. David is doing something normal, like trying to eat a live chicken, or repeatedly flushing the toilet, or trying to walk around in John's boots. All of a sudden, he stops what he's doing, looks at you, and yells, 'GET YOU,' and runs off. This is your cue to chase him, hollering, 'I'm gonna get you!! I'm gonna get you, David!!' Which is his cue to shriek with laughter, run faster, turn to look at you, and narrowly miss running to the door frame or bookshelf or piano. Sometimes, he doesn't miss. That's a whole 'nother story.

Anyway, as soon as you catch him, you have to tickle him like a crazy person. He'll laugh even harder, until he suddenly stops. And politely says, in a very calm voice, 'down please.' And as soon as you put him down, he screams, runs off, and says, 'GET YOU!!!!!' This can go on until he passes out from exhaustion, you realize that supper is burning on the stove, or he doesn't miss the door frame, bookshelf, or piano.

It's a hard life, man, but someone's gotta do it!! :)

In other David developments, I have some fun news (and if you're one of those kidless people who gets really freaked out by all talk of toilet-training, just stop reading here. This isn't gross or anything, but I just wanted to warn you). From the time I changed David after he woke up yesterday morning, to the time he woke up from his nap around 5pm, he only wore ONE diaper. That's right, we only used ONE diaper for that boy from 7:30 am to 5pm. We just take him and set him on the toilet every few hours, and he usually goes, and he's starting to learn to tell us when he needs to go. Yay! But yesterday was an even bigger deal, because we were in Austin running errands for a large chunk of the day.

I plan on being far more consistent with our next baby, and having him/her toilet trained before s/he can walk. I can be done, I promise you, because we almost succeeded, and I know families that have been successful with it. It's the easiest thing in the world to do, especially when you start when the baby is really young (like a few weeks old), and are consistent. That was our downfall, lol, the lack of consistency. Oh, well. Live and learn! Let me know if you're expecting, or have an itty-bitty baby and want more information on this subject!!


Anonymous said...

What a fun game! Those smacks on hard wooden things are just NOT fun. I still do it all the time, and I'm an adult. ;o)

I have heard of babies as young as one being potty trained, and since I'm home with Anja a lot and I can definitely tell her "pooping face," I've thought about maybe starting to rush her to the toilet. Do you know of any good resources on the subject? On second thought, I have enough "resources" yet to you have any good advice?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the toilet training, I have tried the same thing with each kid. Starting from about 6 weeks, I hold them over the toilet when I am running the water into the tub for their bath (I don't use a baby bathtub, waste of money). I didn't do this to toilet train them, as it is too young, but hopefully to get them to pee in the toilet instead of the tub during bathtime. Well, with my second one, she was potty trained by 10 months old! I was so shocked and happy. With my third one, she was about 15 months old, with the first one (a boy) nothing worked, he was 3 1/2 by the time he was potty trained, but we found out when he was five he has learning disabled, so it explains a lot.

I guess what I am trying to say that each child is different, and the same technique may not work for each child. No harm in trying though. Just don't be too anxious for your babies to grow up Brea, they are only little once ;-)

Brea said...

Oh, believe me, I'm not trying to get them to grow up too fast. I LOVE the baby stage!! I also just hate changing diapers, and I really hate toilet training. :) This isn't something we stress about, I just know families who have had their kids trained far before one. If I try it and it works, woohoo! If not, it's no big deal, either.

Heidi, just start putting her on the toilet when you see that face. Since she's older, it might take some more work; that cold seat can be a shock!! Use your calmest, happiest voice, and make sure you identify what she's doing ("Good job, Anja! You're going poo!" or whatever y'all say). We've taught David the sign for 'bathroom' because we're teaching all of them sign language. We've never used the baby toilets, we've just sat ours down on the adult seat and let 'em go.

Remember: toilet training is NEVER a matter for discipline. At this age, it's supposed to be something that makes your life easier, not more complicated, so if it gets too stressful, just don't do it. :)


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Jessica said...

We love the get you game here too--and I can't help it, I laugh even when they bounce off the door frame! (as long as they aren't crying, then I only laugh a little)

We did EC w/ the older one- but I had a hard time being consistent enough with it. Then with #2, I couldn't even keep up with cloth diapering! Good luck to you!