Thursday, April 17


Oh, I love this time of the year. These are some of my favorite weeks. See, in Texas, especially here (Central Texas) on south, we don't really have four defined seasons like other places in the country. We have several months of summer, a few weeks of fall, a month or two of what we call winter (certain people in Minnesota and Iowa need to stop laughing. It's winter to us, ok??), a few weeks of spring, and then back to summer again. It's good for growing things like okra and tomatoes, but greens like lettuce are impossible to grow when it gets hot. Of course, I can grow greens all the way through the winter ... but I digress.

Spring. Love it! Everything is so wonderful and green right now. Not two weeks ago, all my Post Oaks looked awful. Post Oaks lose their leaves every winter, and we just end up with lots of huge gray sticks growing out of the ground. In the last two weeks, all the oaks have put leaves back on at a rate that takes my breath away each year.

I think God's favorite color must be green. Drive out somewhere, to the middle of nature, and what do you see? Green. I can't wait to see the Millennial Earth, when nature is no longer affected by sin, and goes back to the way it's supposed to be. Imagine the most beautiful spring day you've ever witnessed. Then imagine it ten times more beautiful. Then think about this: what you're imagining is only a glimmer of how things will be One Day.

We're having friends out later, and I plan on pouring my coffee, grabbing a muffin, and not being inside for more than 5 minutes the rest of the day. I love watching my kids play outside with their friends; it's one of the best things about living out here (almost) in the country. Mom is driving up tomorrow for a day trip, and I'm so excited to see her!! On Saturday, we leave for Dallas and the Renaissance Festival, then we're going to church with John's cousin Pam on Sunday, the driving out to see my grandparents for a few day. It should be a great trip, lots of driving, and busy and fun!

OH!! I can't believe it took me this long to mention this: Sam is riding his bike by himself! John took Sam's training wheels off on Tuesday evening, and they practiced riding around in the grass (makes those falls easier to handle, ya know?) for about 30 minutes. I looked out my window yesterday morning, and Sam was riding down the driveway by himself!! He didn't even need me to help him get started or anything!! When did my boy get so big? I swear that he just moved out of his crib last week or something, and now he knows how to use a power drill and ride his bike without training wheels. And he doesn't need my help. Pardon me while I go cry for a little while, mmmK?

Hope everyone has a lovely, wonderful, fun and fabulous day!!

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Anonymous said...

You know, I'm not laughing anymore. I'd be laughing if we were having spring yet ourselves, but...the grass is still dead. It has rained quite a bit this past week, but do you think that can perk things up? No way, sister.

You've got the last laugh--enjoy your warmth and your spring!