Tuesday, May 23

In Katy, again

So, since I'm totally like the Best Daughter Ever, I am back in Katy. Dad's job, with him working 10pm-6am, ends this weekend, and BP asked Mom to fly out to the rig they just launched for a few days. John is working the whole time Mom asked me to visit, and we didn't have any other pressing plans, so here we are!

I don't know if my hormones are kicking in overtime right now, but I have been in a haze of the Warm & Fuzzies for the last few days! My kids are still the trouble making, headache-inducing, room-destroying, toy- and tool-breaking, screaming, fighting, high energy children that they have always been, but I just want to dip them in fish batter, fry them up, and just start at the toes and nibble my way up!!! They are so cute and sweet and destructive and affectionate, and I love them so much!! Almost as much as I love John, but really, not much can compare to that. Even a craving for fried baby toes. Oh, and about the long sentence above, where they do everything in their power to make me tired with the Never-Ending source of energy that comes from who knows where, I wouldn't have them any other way!!!

Who wants boring kids, when you can have kids that seek out knowledge like it's water? They are really into fish right now. All things fish and ocean. Evie's fav fish is either a cookie cutter shark or her little blennys that she loves. Sam my Man is all about the angler fish, especially the potato-faced angler fish. And since meeting and getting to know the Bird Lady next door, we have been learning about and developing a big interest in birds, and learning what kinds live near us. It's been a ton of fun.

And I'm rambling, and have nothing specific to talk about, so I'm going to go to WalMart and then make some fantastic supper, cause that's also what I do, besides chasing my children around and playing in the sprinkler outside. :) I'll be home Thursday, and I really will try to put some new pics up, I promise!

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