Thursday, May 11

I've decided that knitting is not quite as stoopid as I first thought it was. I also decided to be patient and actually figure out what I'm doing before quitting. So there. I've been having fn with it.

Sam is fine. We went to the doc yet again on Tuesday, and what did they tell us? 'Sometimes kids just have big tonsils.' Well, ok then. I also had my first acutal checkup with my midwife, Laurie. I just love her!!! I got to hear Baby's heartbeat, which is so cool, and Laurie said everything looked good. Woohoo!

I dropped the guineas off at Bastrop Gardens on Monday, a nursery and farmer's market towards Austin that we love. These people have had guineas before, and already had housing for them, so if the Stooges had to go, I am so glad that they went there. And, as it turns out, my next door neighbor works there! Not the ones that I hate with a fiery passion that burns brighter than a thousand suns, but the one on the other side. We've been calling her the Crazy Bird Lady, or just the Bird Lady. I learned that her name is Linda, but that a lot of people call her Bird Lady. Anyway, she's super nice. She is crazy, but in a good, passionate-about-what-she-believes, isn't-afraid-to-speak-her-mind kind of way. The kids and I just went over there to say hello to her and her goose (gander, actually) Snow. He's a really nice goose, and didn't try to bite my children once! She's got about 10 acres, so I told her to let us know first if she is ever inclined to get rid of any of it, cause we'd LOVE to see if we could buy it. I'm very glad that I met her, and that we could go see her and meet Snow. Oh, and she said that the guineas are doing very well, and like their new home.

I'm going to Katy early, on Sunday afternoon, so I can hang out with the mom for a while, and cook her supper. Kevin, Wes, Al?, "John"?, Mom, the kids and I will be there. I'm looking forward to it. And I get to see my most wonderful MOLLY!!!! YEA!!!!

My tomato plants are attempting to take over my entire yard. Ok, not really, but they are getting HUGE!! We planted them a little too close together, and they're over 4 and a half feet tall; you would not believe the number of (all still green) tomatoes we have!! And my pumpkin plants have gone crazy, too. We've got a ton of squash blossoms, and the green bean plants are starting to put off green beans. It's all very fun. The kids helped me weed in there today. We got a couple of new things for the flower garden last week. Some daisys, dianthus, a new kind of verbeena, yellow lantana, and some petunas. It looks pretty now, but it's going to look wonderful once everything fills in.

Hehehe, Baby is kicking me. :)

I need a nap. Or lunch. Or maybe lunch and then a nap. Yes, yes, it is a hard life that I lead.

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