Saturday, May 13

Yea Pat!!!

John's aunt, Pat Berryman, just won the election for the open seat in the Georgetown City Council. Woohoo! Kids and I went up for the post-election party, and I just got home (after 11pm), and I'm exhausted, and about to pass out. But Pat, congrats!!

Leaving for Katy tomorrow afternoon, but I'll try to post about the fun visitor I had in my sink this morning. And by 'fun,' I mean 'eww.'

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there who have ever let their children have cupcakes and iced tea against their better judgement, and then totally regreted it around midnight when the three-year-old is not asleep and wants to 'hang out' with you and 'chat about Star Wars' for a while. Seriously. He's not asleep. When I say no to chatting about Star Wars, he asks me if we can talk about the scorpion fish or the reef cuttlefish that we saw in the fish movie.

I want a beer.

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