Sunday, May 7

the one where the world is conspiring ...

to give me gray hair before I even turn 25.

Ok, I've been busy. Here is why I haven't posted lately.

Took Sam to the doc 2 Mondays ago. They did a test for strep and flu, but both were negative. He did have a sinus infection and sinusitis, though. So he went on 10 days of amoxocillin, the $58 antibiotic. That sound was me, falling over from the price.

The following Monday, Evie started running a fever, and I looked at Sam's throat, and it wasn't really getting any better. Then Tuesday, I noticed that Sam's throat had white spots on it. WHITE SPOTS developing while on antibiotics??? Oy. Even I know that's not good. So we went back to the doc on Thursday, and it turned out that both kids had strep throat! Doc just looked at me and said, 'Brea, how did he get strep while he was on antibiotics?' Yeah, like I have an answer for that.

So we went on new antibiotics for both of them (another $160, thank you very much! Do I look like I'm made of money??? Cause I'm not!!). All is going well, until Saturday morning, when I look at my dear daughter, and she has white all over her mouth. She decided that the fun thing to do was to drink her medicine. Yes, I am a bad mother, and didn't close the medicine all the way. I'M SORRY!!!!!

I go to call Poison Control. I have the national 800 number memorized, because it's on stickers all over the house, and because this is the fourth time I have had to call them. Of all things, my cell phone is not working. I have no idea why. It's all better now. I grab my home phone, which (miracle of all miracles!!) was working, and call the 800 number. Well, Vonage has decided for reasons beyone my comprehension that Poison Control is not a number they choose to recognize. I boot up the computer, which takes like 3 hours, and find the number for the Control center in San Antonio. A very nice young man answers the phone, and we go through the whole experience, and he tells me that there may be a few side effects (there were none), but that she should be fine (which she is). Then he asks me where I'm calling from. I say, 'Just outside of Austin.' He says, 'Texas?' I say, 'Yeah, where are you? You don't sound like you're from this area.' He says, 'No, I'm in New Jersey.' Hmm. Interesting. I call a (210) area code, which is San Antonio, and end up chatting with a guy from New Jersey. But still, he was very nice.

Things were oddly quiet around here until this last Tuesday. John and the kids had gone out for a while, and I suddenly hear shots next door. This is not all together unusual, beacuse everyone around here has guns, but this was just a tad too close. As I'm walking outside to see what's going on, La Stooges come running over. Jim the Asshole (JTA for short, from now on) is standing on his porch, sees me come out, and yells, 'Brea, if you don't get rid of those damn birds, I'm going to f-ing kill them.' He didn't actually say 'f-ing.' I think you know what he really said. Turns out that the guineas had been walking through his garden and stepped on some of his plants. I hope wild hogs come and uproot the whole damn thing.

A small side note here. We checked with the Smiths several times before getting the guineas. We have checked with them several times since we got the guineas to make sure the guineas were not bothering them. Our houses are like 50 feet apart from each other. We see and talk to each other pretty much every day. Must we find out that they don't like the birds by hearing gunshots?!?!?!?!?!?!? Also, there is something not right about JTA. What kind of person lives with their parents their whole life? He is in his mid-40's, and has never lived alone. This is not something I'm speculating about; I know he has never lived alone cause Mommy-dearest told me so. Even when he was married, they all lived with his parents. And his mom, Gretta, is the one who raised his daughter. Seriously, what the hell??

I had to find a new home for the guineas, and I did find a very good one, and we all have been completely bummed all week. And mad. Vey, very mad. We'll be putting up a fence this winter, just along the property line between our houses, and getting new guineas next spring. I drop them off at their new home tomorrow.

So, for those of you who think I have dropped off the radar, I have not. I have been too busy to find the radar. And on top of it all, I'm trying to grow a person inside my belly, take care of me family, house, gardens, and yard (seriously, you don't even what to see the amound of dirty laundry that is about to grow legs and take over and eat us all. I might let it, too!).

Sam's tonsils are still really swollen, and seeing how today was the last day of the second round of medicine, I think we may have to go back to the doc. This is killing me. I am so beyond ready for everyone in my house to be well. I need chocolate milk. Oh, pictures.

My brother Wesley (far right) at the 8th grade dance.

Sam (just before we cut his hair) and Evie with a blue belly lizard.

My funny formal daughter, who loves old hats and all things girly.

Sam passed out on the couch when he was sick.

Evie passed out in bed when she was sick.

Oh, and I mention that we bought a piano? Cause I didn't think we had enough going on at the time, and wanted to add a little excitement to my boring life.

I'll be in Katy next Monday-Wednesday (the days after Mother's Day), so call me if anyone wants to do lunch or (decaf) coffee!!

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Krista said...

I am laughing at the fact that you pointed out the guy from Jersey was still nice, even though he was from Jersey