Thursday, May 11

someone hide me, quick!!

Oh. My. Gaw. John is going to flip out when he gets home. Sam has cut Evie's hair. At the moment, she looks like she has a mullet. Help me, I am going to die. It's not like I left them alone for that long. I was knitting this morning, and left the scissors out, and then I came upstairs while the kids were watching Maisy to put away some clothes, and while I was up here I heard, 'I think scissors are fun,' and the other one said, 'Me, too,' and I don't even know which one said what, but I did see my life flash before my eyes, because John is so in love with Evie's hair, and has been so happy that we can finally do things with it, because her hair grows at a record-slow pace ...

Please help me. Hide me somehwere. I'm going to have to give her a precious little pixie cut, but her beautiful curls will be gone, and John is going to flip.

Pics of the progress, and possibly my execution, tomorrow.

(Edited to add:)

Evie with her homemade mullet:

Evie after her haircut:

Sam 'protecting' Evie, both with fake smiles:

And John wasn't even all that mad at me, either. Yea!!!


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Yeah, I know you think this is very amusing, Sarah, but you just call me when you have kids. :) ~B