Tuesday, August 14

The Coop is Done!! and other pictures ...

My chickens have a home! It is secure, it is cute, they have plenty of room, and it can be completely operated by the kids. But most importantly ... it is FINISHED!!!! This is a big deal. John started the coop over 4 months ago, and just hasn't had the motivation to get it finished out. So I figured out a way to fix that. I just bought chickens anyway, and they lived inside the house in a box until they had a home. :) Talk about motivation!!

Aww, look, here they are! How cute!! (Yes, that is a light saber in the chicken yard. We find light sabers to be surprisingly effective herding tools when the occasional jailbreak is discovered.)

David would really, really, really like to get into the chicken yard and play with 'the girls,' as we usually refer to them.

John had just finished patching a few holes in the wire when David crawled over to him, and they were too sweet together not to take a picture!! I tell you, this man still makes my tummy do flip flops and my knees a little weak!!

And speaking of making my tummy jump, this is a whole different ball game!! I cringe and have to walk away when I see how high John swings the kids ... I just can't watch most of the time.

Evie, always the little lady, doesn't swing quite as high yet, luckily.

What's that? You'd like another picture of that adorable baby you saw earlier? Well, ok. Since you're being so persuasive and all ...

(Notice how green the front of my back yard is?? All the plants around here have been loving all the rain we got this spring and summer after that awful drought we just came out of. But I digress.)

Now, you have to be careful with that cute little ball of energy. One minute, he's sitting there and grinning at you. The next thing you know, he's trying to attack you and lick your cheek!

With a giant booger in his nose.

Tell you what, people. I've done been bit by the Baby Bug. Although we're not planning or trying right now(like we've planned or tried to have any kids yet!!), I wouldn't be sad if I was able to make an announcement in the next five or six months. I'm just sayin.'

But don't tell my mom. She'll freak out.

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RuthSean said...

Ah, your children are lovely and you know, I feel that way about my own husband... God is good!