Friday, August 31

Where there's smoke ...

there's fire.

In my hair.


I set my hair on fire at Book Club on Wednesday. I wore it down, which I usually do on the third of never, and stood too close to a very small tea light candle. A few seconds later, there was sizzling and that horrid smell, and then a few seconds after that, all was right in the universe again. Except that I had to apologize to Monica for making her kitchen smell really, really bad. :) My hair is fine. No chunks or anything missing, or so I've been told.

The moral of the story?

Make sure you have good friends in your book club who will make sure that you don't burn up, and will then laugh with you later. And forgive you for the awful smell.

1 comment:

Hannah Seale said...

Oh girl,
I have totally done that too... only I lit mine on a gas burner stove... standing too close on a cold day. Why? I have no idea... yeah, you'd think I would know better!
Love your ramblings, keep it up!
Hannah Seale
(oh yeah... thanks for listing us on your links. that makes me feel special.)