Wednesday, August 1

Please tell your kids to take really good care of their teeth!

I sat in the chair at the dentist's office for over four hours this morning. My appointment was at 8, I got called back right away, and I didn't leave the office until almost 12:30. I had 4 teeth worked on, consisting of 3 fillings and two crowns. One of the fillings was on a wisdom tooth. It was all very fun. We will speak of this no more.

John is outside working on the coop for the chickens. My master plan to just buy chickens and force him to finish the coop has paid off, because the durned birds are driving both of us insane in the house. They are getting so big and so cute!! I love it.

David is almost 10 months old, and Evelyn will be 4 at the end of the month. It's all very depressing. And now, I still have a hangover-esque headache from that thing we're not going to speak of again, so I'm off to nap. Good day.

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