Sunday, February 17

And then I prayed to pass out.

Not from embarrassment. I was just so tired at Heather's house, that I kept thinking, 'well, maybe if I just fall over, someone else will chase the baby around, and I'll get to take a nap!'

I should probably start at the beginning.

John didn't get to bed till about 3:30 last night, so the kids and I went to Sunday School without him. It was nice. The big kids go to their class, and I usually help Pace in the nursery. Which I did this morning. Then I let the big kids with Kristie, tossed gently strapped David into his seat, and drove home to pick John up for church. It's been one of the few times I can think of when having one car has been a true inconvenience, not just a minor annoyance. Anyway, church was ... uh .... interesting. David is still cutting molars, so he's been very cranky the last few weeks, and Evie is still Evie, so she's not very well-behaved sometimes. Oh, and the part where I need to spend more time training her. There's that, too.

Then we left church, stopped by HEB, and headed out to Heather's house. Heather is John's absolutely wonderful half sister, and she lives in a little town just west of Austin. Well, past 'just west' of Austin. We stopped by SAM'S Club on the way, and got out to her place about 2:30. John's dad was there, and his aunt and uncle, and two cousins, and some various kids. It was nice. We had fried catfish, which I don't normally eat, but really enjoyed this afternoon.

We had decided before hand that we were going to try and be out of there by 6, which starting to say goodbye to everyone around 5:30. This happened, we were all ready to go ... and then John's dad said, 'Oh, could I ask you a question about my computer?' John's dad, Jim, is known for being a little ... well ... he's not great with computers. Or any kind of technology, really. So John had to show him how to hook up his camera, download the pictures, shrink them so they could be emailed, email them ... the list goes on for quite a while. I think it was after 7 before we actually left, but that's ok. Life happens. I had a great time chatting with Heather and her husband, Mark. I adore Heather and Mark!! I wish they lived a little closer to us, because we don't get to see them as often as I'd like, but I am glad to see them when we do.

So this is the first time I've stopped today. I'm tuckered out. I'm going to put my chickens away, finish the rest of the Clough lecture I was listening to, and head to bed. John is off all day tomorrow, too. Yay!!!

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