Saturday, February 16


I don't do cold. I enjoy Texas summers (well, 90% of the time, at least). When John brings up going on a snowboarding trip, I fall to the floor, and beg, cry and scream that I don't wanna calmly explain that I would prefer to never do that do something else. Please, don't lecture me about the engineering marvels of snow clothes, and how they keep you so warm that you actually sweat, or how dry snow in places where you would ski or snowboard is so much different than a wet kind of cold.

I don't care about any of that.

In order for there to be like a gazillion inches of snow on the ground, on which one would ski, it seems like it would have to be cold. And even if I was in all the expensive, insulated, magic snow clothes, it stands to reason that at some point, some of my skin would be exposed to cold air.

I would not like that. Not in a house, not with a mouse. Not with a fox, not in a box. I would not like it here or there, I would not like it anywhere. I don't do cold.

Anyway. So I was talking to my mom yesterday, whining about discussing the weather, among other things. Originally, a cold front was supposed to come through yesterday morning, and make it really, really cold and rainy. I was lamenting that it was 3 in the afternoon, it was 73, with about 200% humidity. I wanted my cold front, man!!

Oh, how quickly I forget.

I'm so sorry!! I didn't mean to complain!! My body temperature has completely thrown itself off, and I absolutely cannot warm up!! Help me!!!!! My kids are about to drive me insane, because I'm a total moron and glutton for pain, apparently, and decided to cut the TV for a month. That's right, it's 40 outside (people in Iowa and Minnesota need to stop laughing, because 40 is very cold for us Texans. I'm from Houston, people!!), and raining, and all my kids really want to do is watch a movie. Or MythBusters. Or Dirty Jobs. Or Man vs Wild. (Yes, we love the Discovery Channel.) The ladybugs are taking over my house, because it's too cold for them to be outside. They're total wusses, just like me.

My toes are cold, and I've got on two pair of socks. I want to have a fire this evening, but John didn't split enough wood the other day for me to start one for another hour or two. I think he did it on purpose. I came back from gathering eggs earlier and thought that my teeth were all going to break because I was chattering so hard.

Siiigh. It is so hard to be me sometimes. I wish I had a donut right now.

Well, I did get some really cool old stuff today, and I'll tell you all about my stuff, and my upcoming projects, next week. And I got to see Margaret. Yay!!

ps-Sarah!!! I'm so sorry you don't feel well!! I love you!!! Everyone, pray for my dear friend Sarah, because she doesn't feel well. Thanks!!


Kian said...

hi Brea I came over because you commented on my blog and I am really glad that I did because you have some funny stuff here!

Anonymous said...

You were right. I was laughing. We had a high of -6 here today. 40 is downright balmy, even in March. :)

But even though I've lived here (in MN and ND) my whole life, I have never acclimatized. A perfect temp to me is about 77 or 78 with a very light breeze and somewhat high humidity. Maybe I belong in San Diego...