Tuesday, February 12

Coming soon ...

Not a baby. Sorry. I wish.

I'm still trying to figure out this Friday's Friday Confessions, on that won't make you flee from me because you're afraid of catching whatever the hell I have that makes me so strange look at me funny if we were to run into each other in a grocery store. I have my street cred to think about, people. Seriously.

However! I have some fun news. The following Friday, I'm unloading dropping off my kids with my mom, so John and I can have a lovely anniversary weekend. Yay me! While I'm there, I'll be co-authoring the Friday Confessions for 2/22 with my mom a friend of mine. It'll be Confessions by Proxy, and my mom my friend will anonymously be posting her confession. And then you'll gain a little bit of insight into why I am the way I am why I have such a lovely mom friend.

She doesn't want anyone to know where this Confession is coming from, so on the off chance that I accidentally reveal my mom's my friend's identity, let's keep it a secret, ok? Well, we can tell Clive, but that's it. He's very trustworthy. You can see it in his eyes.

Anyway, a little hint on that unknown person's Confession:

This is Ami. He's on Miami Ink. I've never seen Miami Ink.

Man, am I gonna be grounded when she sees this ... Oh, well! Life is short. Easier to ask forgiveness than permission, right? Back me up here, people!!

ps- I think Blogger is trying to kill me. I've never had such a slow connection! In retrospect, it might be my horrible internet. It probably is. We have a lot of problems with our country cable.

Sorry, Blogger! I love you!! Hugs and kisses!!


tinymama's mama said...

You would be smart to post that AFTER I watched your kids. Seriously. I'm juss sayin'...

Brea said...

For real. But why be smart when you can have fun, right?? Besides, you're so excited to see them (and vice versa) that I think I could do just about anything and you'd still have them over!! :) Love you!!